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Rail Baron (RBN) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated November 19, 2018
41 Players Scott Schwieger 2018 Status 2019 Status Event History
2018 Champion & Laurels
Attendance for the tournament was up this year, most likely due to the fact that we moved some of the heats to earlier in the week so as not to conflict with other games.

Twenty-five players entered the semifinals but the five to emerge victorious and advance to the finals were: Trella Bromley, Brian Conlon, Tony Newton, Bart Pisarik and Scott Schwieger.

Scott was the only player to advance to the final who had not actually won a qualifying heat, having two heat 2nd places though.

Brian won the dice roll to be the player to go first.

The first runs for the players were

  • Brian – Chicago to Denver
  • Trella – Washington to Columbus
  • Tony – L.A. to Philly
  • Scott – El Paso to Houston
  • Bart – Atlanta to Seattle

By the time Tony made it to Philly both the NYC and the PA had been bought. He proceeded to by the B&O though. Unfortunately he rolled Indianapolis for his next destination so he became the first player to go to a hostile destination. Bart also had a very long first run. He purchased the Southern as his first railroad since all the northeast railroads were gone by the time he arrived in Seattle.

Even though it was a five player game it was very balanced throughout. No single player got paid excessively. At the end of the game the value of the properties that people held ranged from 96 to 117 so no single player had a lot of extra value in property and no one was totally out of it due to having too few properties. Scott was in a strong position though out most of the game as he did have the most value in properties.

Towards the end, Scott arrived in San Diego and had to ride Trella's rails to get there. He realized that Trella had a chance to win when she reached Richmond, she was in the Northeast since her home was Washington. It was going to be close because she needed to have enough money to ride someone to Richmond and then roll her bonus die to get to her home of Washington. Scott however decided this was his only chance to win, even though Brian was right there to catch him. With his home city of El Paso being 12 away, he rolled his first two dice. BOXCARS!!! He didn’t even need to roll his third bonus die to get in and there wasn’t any final suspense.

Scott’s railroads were RF&P, ACL, MP, UP, PA, and TP.

Throughout the tournament, many different railroad networks were assembled that were able to win. 20 of 26 games were 4 players games There were five 3 player games in the Heats and the Final was a 5 player game.

The average number of deeds the winner owned was 8.1 deed in the four player games. Three people were able to win with only 6 of the 28 deeds whereas two winners were able to obtain 10 of the deeds.

On average the winners of the 4 player games owned $144,000 worth of deeds. However, two players won with $117,000 in deeds and the highest player had $189,000 in deeds.

The winners in 24 of the 26 games, two games did not report, held the following deeds:

  • 10 times - WP, PA, and AT&T
  • 9 times – NYNH&H, ACL, NP, and C&NW
  • 8 times – RF&P, B&M,GN and MP
  • 7 times – N&W, GM&O, L&N, SLSF, and SO
  • 6 times – SAL, CRI&P, UP, and SP
  • 5 times – D&RGW, IC, C&O, CB&Q, B&O, and NYC
  • 4 times – TP and CMSt.P&P

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Trella Bromley Brian Conlon Bart Pisarik Tony Newton Mark Kennel
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Chester Lanham all smiles at this table. GM Trella Bromley on her way to the Final.
Bart Pisarik managing the payouts as money
changes hands at the table.
Ron Secunda contemplating his purchase.
GM  Trella Bromley [2nd Year]  NA
 trella@mac.com  904-859-8381