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Race for the Galaxy (RFG) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated November 17, 2018
66 Players Nicolas Alexandro 2018 Status 2019 Status Event History
2018 Champion & Laurels

Nicolas Alexandro’s Alien Race Is The Most Successful In The Galaxy

Here’s the report from Galactic headquarters in the 11th running of WBC’s Race for the Galaxy (RFG) tournament:

The 2018 WBC RFG tournament took place on Friday afternoon with a total of 66 enthusiastic Galactic adventurers (aka participants) trying to be the best in the Race for the Galaxy amidst “the gathering storm” clouds, aka a torrential downpour just prior to the first heat in Round 1. Amongst those 66 participants were three of the six Laurelists from last year: defending champion Ricky Boyes (also the 2015 champion), 2nd place finisher Nick Page, and 6th place finisher Jeff Wu.

With four back-to-back-to-back-to-back heats in Round 1, the participants (as well as their GM/assistant GM) had their work cut out jus trying to keep up with the “fast and furious” pace of play. As the skies overhead finally cleared and while snugly encamped in First Tracks, Slope Side, 16 mighty and formidable Galactic adventurers survived the “shock and awe” of Round 1 to make it to the semi-finals, including defending champion Ricky Boyes and Micah McCormick (the 2016 champion), along with 12 other adult semi-finalists who would give these former champions serious competition in the “race” for the 2018 title: Daniel Smith; twin brothers Matthew and Michael Thiessen; Antero Kuusi; Winton Lemoine; Michael Murtagh; Nicholas Alexandro; Michael Powers; Andy Latto; Chris Kizer; Mark Geary; and Frank Dinoff (with 3 second place finishes). Also gracing Race’s semi-final field were 2 youthful protagonists: Andrew Freeman (this year’s and last year’s champion in Race’s dice companion, Roll for Galaxy, now going a dual title in the Race); and Sam Wolff.

In the semifinals, the Galactic field was reduced to our 4 finalists: Frank Dinoff (as New Sparta); Matthew Thiessen (as Alpha Centauri); Nicolas Alexandro (as Ancient Race); and once again, our defending champion Ricky Boyes (as Damaged Alien Factory). Our 4 surviving Galactic adventurers would prove to be highly competitive as they did battle to see who would be the “top gun” in this year’s Race for the Galaxy. When the smoke finally cleared, Nicolas Alexandro would be crowned as our new reigning Race for the Galaxy champion (with 44 points), just barely “outracing” Matthew Thiessen (with 41 points), followed closely behind by our now former champion Ricky Boyes (with 40 points), and Frank Dinoff (with 30 points).

And now a grateful (and exhausted) GM of his first RFG Tournament, bids you adieu from the Galaxy!!

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Matthew Thiessen Ricky Boyes Frank Dinoff Daniel Smith Michael Thiessen
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
A game that attracts them all. Andy Latto overseeing the scoring.
Chris Kizer looking over his cards. Finalists with GM Eric Guttag.


GM Eric Guttag [1st Year]  NA