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Slapshot (SLS) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated November 25, 2018
145 Players Dalton Versak 2018 Status 2019 Status Event History
2018 Champion & Laurels

Slapshot Drops by 20%

Attendance was down a bit at the 2018 Slapshot event, but we still kicked off the Saturday night party in style. Curtiss Fyock won the coveted “Traveling Hanson Brothers” trophy for dressing up as Crease Lightning, complete with WBC name badge with Crease Lightning’s name on it. We also drafted John Corrado away from tallying the scores in the just completed Facts in Five event to be our guest rules-reader for the evening.

Then, the games were off! The usual moaning and whining and jockeying to see who at the table really wanted to stay up occurred, advancing players to the annual Massively Unfair Slapshot Semifinal. When the dust settled, we had our 6 finalists:

  • Dalton Versak, nursing his wounds from losing to the GM in Battleline the night before, playing the Super Bowl ring.
  • Alex Nesenjuk playing the biplane.
  • Wayne playing the newly plucked bottle cap.
  • Keith Boone, playing the duck.
  • Chris Trimmer playing the black monolith
  • Sarah Morgan playing the boring green piece that actually came with the game.

The early part of the final was defined by lots of drafting and trading but not many games. There were three games in the first round (Sarah took out a bruiser with her Tiny Tim), but only one game in the second round, and that ended in a tie.

The third round began with Wayne challenging Keith, not only losing the game, but also losing his best player. Smelling blood, Keith challenged Wayne back, but somehow lost himself. Sarah and Alex also played Wayne, and ended up tying. Eventually, Chris shows a good hand and Dalton a bad one, with the Superstar, and not much else. Chris wins a few games before the table drafts and bruises him down to the level of everyone else.

Then, the table went back into still more trading and drafting. We don’t keep records of these things at Slapshot Central, but it feels like this final had the most trades and drafts we’ve seen in many years. Slowly but surely, most players started moving up the ladder, except Dalton, who remained stuck at 0. Daltons team had 2 bruisers and the Superstar, so it’s not a terrible team, but his Superstar managed to score against his opponent’s worst player about 10 different times, which is not very efficient. Eventually, Keith tries to talk Dalton into playing Alex or Chris’s good teams “as a public service” to have his bruisers try to wreck their teams. Dalton stays the course, and keeps trying in vain to draft his way to a better team.

Eventually, Wayne decides he wants a shot at the Superstar and starts trading with Dalton! For three straight turns, Wayne takes a random card from Dalton’s hand, fails to get the Superstar, and gives back (we assume) a better card than he lost. After three failed attempts, Wayne’s hand gets revealed as the patsy of the table (his hand is now almost as bad as Dalton’s, but without the bruisers), as Keith, Chris, and Sarah each beat Wayne in succession. Suddenly, Dalton starts making his move, playing games against the rest of the table, and winning most of them.

Sarah, realizing what is happening, tries to get as many matches between her and Dalton as she can (since they are currently in 5th and 6th place). But Dalton’s hand is now actually decent, and Dalton wins most of these games. Also behind and charging ahead is Alex, who took a long time early in the game building a strong team, and also begins charging forward. The remaining three players have to worry more about the playoffs than about ending the regular season, trying to draft and trade their way to a stronger position. Chris in particular spent about 4 turns with 8 wins trying to improve his team before the playoffs started. At one point, Keith, in a playoff position himself, actually challenged Chris at this point, publicly stating he was hoping to lose and get the playoffs started. But unfortunately, he won and the game continued.

Eventually, we started a round where Wayne, Dalton, and Alex are all on 7, and Keith and Chris are on 8. Sarah is further back, having just terrible luck the whole game. Wayne plays Sarah first, and his victory put him on the 8 spot. Keith, comfortable in his position, drafts. Chris tries to start the playoffs by playing Sarah, but Tiny Tim pucks his goalie, leading to a tie. Sarah then tries to prolong the game by playing Dalton, but loses, putting Dalton on the 8 spot. Dalton challenges Sarah right back and wins again, starting the playoffs.

Before the playoffs can begin, we have our annual “consolation series” to determine 5th and 6th place. Alex’s good, but slow to develop team beats Sarah’s “really not great” team 2-0.

In the first semifinal, Keith’s team is up against Chris’s seemingly better team. The first two games go to overtime, and Chris wins them both. Keith pulls out the third game, but Chris ends the series in game 4, moving on to the finals.

The other semifinal pitted Dalton’s surging powerhouse vs Wayne, who traded most of the cards to Dalton to give him the powerhouse. Dalton wins the first game in overtime using the Superstar that Wayne tried and failed to steal so often, and then wins the next two games handily to move on to the finals himself.

Before the finals, the “Bronze Medal” match was held between Wayne and Keith. Wayne won both games handily.

Thus, the final was set between Chris’s team with a bruiser, and Dalton’s team with the superstar.

In game 1, Dalton’s Superstar scored on Chris’s 7, and Chris’s bruiser took out Dalton’s 4. Dalton wins game 1.

In game 2, Dalton’s Superstar scored on Chris’s 7 again, and Chris’s bruiser bruised Dalton’s 2. Dalton wins game 2.

In game 3, Dalton’s Superstar beat Chris’s goalie, and Dalton took a commanding 3-0 lead. In game 4, Dalton completes the sweep, and puts the Super Bowl ring that was his playing piece all along on his finger.

Off to the side, the other players are seen shaking their heads. Chris can’t believe that all of those bruisers never took out anyone good in the finals. Wayne feels entitled to a portion of Dalton’s plaque for improving his team so much with the trades. I personally can’t believe how Dalton’s Superstar went from matching up against the opponent’s worst cards so often in the early rounds to beating the top cards once the finals came around. We all were impressed by how Dalton was at 0 wins for over half the game, and then moved into the number one playoff seed, and then went undefeated in the playoffs to take home the championship.

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Chris Trimmer Wayne Laustsen Keith Boone Alex Nesenjuk Sarah Morgen
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
I guess they believe playing with the official helps. Francois de Bellefuille tries to show Canadian
hockey supremacy.
All smiles waiting for the puck to drop to start the game. The younger generation table at Slapshot.
GM  Sean McCulloch [16th year]  NA
 stmccull@owu.edu  NA