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Star Wars Miniatures (SWM) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated November 26, 2018
18 Players Vince Sinigaglio 2018 Status 2019 Status Event History
2018 Champion & Laurels

Sinigaglio Calls On The Dark Side For Victory

In the fourth year of play of Star Wars Miniatures at the WBC "there weren't as many as there was a while ago." However, it is still the most popular Star Wars game produced since the theme first appeared “A Long Time Ago.” Of those that participated, almost all were already familiar with the game and most were pleased that the randomly selected squads would include the variety provided. They also did not expect to see squads with so many extremely rare characters.

This tournament was conducted similar to a game store booster tournament, except participants were not required to purchase boosters, or anything else. The GMs provided all materials required to play the game: Minis, Cards, Maps, Dice and handouts.

In this event, players qualified for Single Elimination play by winning games in the preliminary round. Players could enter one or more of the four heats of the preliminary round without limit. Players were paired randomly in the first prelim heat. Thereafter, the GM's matched opponents with like records whenever possible during succeeding heats.

First Heat:

David Brooks playing an Imperial Squad with Emperor Palpitine scored 170 points. David Wolfe scored second highest in this heat with 156 points playing an Imperial squad with Darth Vader.

Second Heat:

Alex Gregorio playing an Imperial Squad with Grand Admiral Thrawn scored 176 points. Robert powers finished second with 170 points playing an Imperial Squad with Darth Vader Jedi Hunter.

Third Heat:

Michael Tracy scored 152 points with an Imperial Squad boasting Darth Vader, Champion of the Sith. Vinny Sinigaglio scored second highest with 150 points playing a Separatist squad with Aurra Sing.

Fourth Heat:

Melody Loder played a Rebel squad led by Han Solo and scored a whopping 195 points. The next highest went to Josh Githens who scored 169 points with a Separatist Squad led by General Grievous Droid Army Commander.

Single Elimination Rounds:

The eight players above minus Michael Tracy advanced to the single elims with seeding based on their performances in the heats. Michael Tracy was playing in another final and gave his spot to Rejean Tremblay, who moved up as the first alternate.

Quarter Finals:

Vinny Sinigaglio and Old Obiwan defeated Alex Gregorio in a game that went to the wire. Josh Githens Sith with Darth Nihl destroyed Robert Powers Republicans. David Wolfe and Princess Leah, Hoth Commander, prevailed over the resourceful David Brooks and some frozen Imperials. Lastly, Rajean Tremblay with Han Solo in Storm Trooper Armor bested Melody Loder with Admiral Thrawn and his Storm Commandoes.


In one semifinal, Josh Githens with General Grevious and Whorm Loathsome overwhelmed Rajean Tremblay and his Clone Troopers. In the other semifinal, Vinny Sinigaglio with Luke Skywalker, Champion of the Force, beat up David Wolfe and a squad of Mandos with Boba Fett, Mercenary Commander.

Championship Game:

This was an awesome affair with many twists and turns between Josh's Rebels with Vader's Apprentice redeemed and Vinny's Imperials with Emperor Palpitine. The game went down to the wire. Josh was winning early, but Vinny saved up enough Force to use Force Lighting on three consecutive turns in order to vanquish Vader's Apprentice. On the last turn, each squad had only one character left alive. Josh had the dual piece, C3P0 and R2D2 sitting on the gambit square. Vinny had Emperor Palpitine outside the building housing the gambit square. If Josh rolled Initiative he would gain enough points to win, because R2D2 could shut the door and block Palpitine out. If Vinny rolled Initiative he would move in and toast the droids with Force Lightning. Alas, the latter occurred and Vinny prevailed to win the championship.

Congratulations to Vinny Sinigaglio for winning the Star Wars Minis Wood.

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Josh Githens Rejean Tremblay David Wolfe Robert Powers Alex Gregorio
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Game continues to draw force users. Melody Loder trying to interpret the Force.
Josh Githens on way to the Final.
GM  Frank Sinigaglio [2nd Year]  NA
 franksinigaglio@hotmail.com  NA