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Tin Goose (T_G) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated November 26, 2018
33 Players Nick Henning 2018 Status 2019 Status Event History
  2018 Champion & Laurels

Henning Emerges Victorious

"I enjoy this game more and more each time I play it."

This sentiment was heard throughout the Tin Goose tournament. Matt Calkins has designed a game that manages to be appealing and playable to those who've recently learned the game while revealing deeper and more rewarding layers of strategy to those with more experience. With a field of 33 different players joining us for the two opening heats, Tin Goose broke its own attendance record this year.

Each heat saw the field spread out over five tables. The tournament preference is for four-player games with five-player games being used as needed to accommodate extra players. Both preliminary heats drew 22 players so they were each played with 3 tables of four and 2 tables of five determined randomly.

The preliminary heats saw a number of strong players returning from previous years and we also welcomed several players who had just learned the game from the designer himself at the demo. In addition to teaching the game, Matt also generously donated copies of the game to the winners at each table in both heats.

Heat winners used a variety of different paths to reach their goal. Although Jarett Weintraub dominated the international destinations and the major cities tracks in his heat, most heat winners did not lead in international destinations. Matt Calkins (twice) and Nick Pei won their tables by leading in both major cities connected and in having the highest income. Anthony Lainesse won his heat by leading in income alone and Antero Kuusi won by leading in only major cities. Todd Trahan, Craig Moffitt and Pat Mirk won their heats with balanced scoring across the categories while specializing in none. Pierre Luc Ramier won his heat by the largest margin of victory with maximum income and a large amount of cash on hand.

Despite the difficulties of scheduling semifinal matches that do not overlap with competing events, 8 of the 9 unique heat winners chose to be on hand for the semifinals and only four alternates had to be called upon to fill out the field for the semi-finals. The 16 Semifinalists were seeded in qualification order to comprise the 4 tables.

Antero Kuusi won his semifinal match with the tried and true strategy of dominating in both major cities and income. Nick Henning pulled away by having the largest income and an enormous amount of cash on hand. David Borton won his semifinal match by dominating the international track while playing an otherwise balanced game. Matt Calkins survived the tightest semifinal match by edging out Todd Trahan by only one point (362-361) while employing a balanced scoring strategy and avoiding taking bonds.

The final match began with an intriguing move by Nick Henning who bid zero in choosing starting airmail routes. After a flurry of early crashes, oil demands and strikes, Nick cleverly noticed that his opponents seemed less concerned about plane safety so he began to adopt a high risk-high reward strategy in which he bought fleets that put him at the highest hazard rating for most of the second half of the game. This bold and insightful move worked out well for him, as he finished the game with balanced scores in major cities, international destinations and income while being the only player in the game to avoid taking a bond.

Final Scores:

  • Nick Henning 369
  • Matt Calkins 345
  • David Borton 299
  • Antero Kuusi 261

I would like to thank all the players for the high level of competition and generosity of spirit exhibited throughout the tournament this year.

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Matt Calkins David Borton Antero Kuusi Todd Trahan Nick Pei
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Finalist and designer Matt Calkins in action. Nick Henning on way to Final.
David Borton in action before Final appearance. Fionalists including designer Matt Calkins.
GM  Bill Herbst [1st Year]  NA