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Trans America (TAM) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated November 26, 2018
72 Players Chad Martin 2018 Status 2018 Status Event History
2018 Champion & Laurels

TransAmerica Holds Steady After Gaining Legacy Status

Due to a special dispensation from the board of directors of the BPA, for the first time ever TransAmerica was run as a “Legacy” event in 2018. This meant that BPA members did not need to spend one of their Trial votes on TAM, and also that there were TWO plaques available, one of which was “pointy”.

One of the reasons for this ruling was the increasing attendance for the event, which provides a last chance for glory to WBC attendees on the final morning of the convention. After an unexpectedly large turnout in 2017, in which the GM was prepared to seat 12 tables but ultimately needed 15, extra effort was put into preparation for the 2018 event. A set of Ridiculously Large Novelty cards was procured and the possibility of seating up to 36 tables was taken into consideration. Panic gripped the GM when long-time assistant Janet Ottey was unable to make the event. Fortunately, Laura Miller stepped in to fill the vacancy, and did a tremendous job handling signups and helping with table seating.

Ultimately, after two drop-outs, the total number of players was 72, which was exactly the same number as in 2017. These were split in 18 tables of 4 each, and both the GM and assistant were able to participate. Except for the fact that the GM erroneously announced the event as “Ticket to Ride”, the start of the preliminary round went off without a hitch.

Although most players prefer the game with 5 rather than 4, the seating of so many tables worked out well. Ties are fairly common in the WBC format of the game, in which a number of rounds are played equal to the number of players. Taking all “winners” from each table to the semifinal round saves a lot of effort in ranking alternates, and only two second-place finishers needed to be selected to fill out the 25-player semifinal round. One table resulted in a 3-way tie after former finalist Andy Latto fell from an 8-point lead into a tie on the final round of the game.

As was the case in 2017, a number of “kids” were among the semifinalists. 2018 might be referred to as The Year of The Kid at WBC, as many events were won by players who had only recently been competing in Junior’s events. Andrew Freeman sat down with an intimidating pile of plaques he had picked up from competitions earlier in the week. Regardless, the adults held their own, and all finalists were folks who would be legally old enough to drive. Those finalists were:

  • Lauren Bohaczuk, whose only previous WBC laurels had come from a 6th-place finish in TAM in 2015
  • Chad Martin, who was the 3rd-place finisher in the 2017 event and was one of the two “alternates” to make it to the semifinal round
  • Roger Jarrett
  • Andy Latto, who’d finished 4th in 2006
  • Jeff Cornett

6th place was given to Ted Bohaczuk as the best of the second-place finishers in the semifinal round.

All the semifinal tables finished in good time and the final began after only a brief break. By mutual agreement, the players opted to use the scoring track on the board as well as the GM-supplied score sheet. This proved useful as the final was a close-run game, with 4 of the 5 players winning at least one round. Only Chad Martin won more than one round, giving him a 3-point lead going in to the final round. The final round went to Roger, but Chad was able to hold on to his lead. The final scores were: Chad Martin 6, Lauren Bohaczuk 9, Roger Jarrett 10, Jeff Cornett 13, and Andy Latto 16.

Congratulations to Chad for winning the first-ever “shield” plaque in TransAmerica and to Lauren for taking home the first-ever second-place plaque for the event. Also thanks to the BPA Board of Directors for seeing fit to honor TransAmerica as a Legacy event at WBC.

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Lauren Bohaczuk Roger Jarrett Jeff Cornett Andy Latto Ted Bohaczuk
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Karen McCuloch and Rich Shipley face off in race
across the continent.

The start of the network.

Roger Jarrett on his road to the Final.

GM  Dave Bohnenberger [6th Year]  NA
 dweeb01@Gmail.com  NA