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The Napoleonic Wars (TNW) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated November 12, 2018
43 Players Ed Rothenheber 2018 Status 2019 Status Event History
  2018 Champion   & Laurels

Top Seed Takes Britain to Championship.

This year’s change to the meta:

Looks like with bid points we’ve finally come up with a mechanic that makes people want to play Austria so, quite happy with that.

Anyway, the games:

Sunday night opened with 5 games, and some very mixed results.

John Emery took a 7VP win on Turn 3 as France, with Eric Alexopoulos' Russia on 4. Ed Rothenheber would deliver an identical score and turn victory for France but in a less conventional way. After destroying Bill Burtless’ British Fleets he forced a surrender through Anglo-American War in a rare example of a power being taken out through failure to meet a foreign war.

A newish players table saw William Kelly as Britain take the tiebreak on 4VP over Robert Malcomson‘s France whilst elsewhere Patrick Duffy delivered a 5VP win as Austria.

Finally after an eventful game that saw Llew Bardecki’s Austria play Burnt Earth, a long French Armistice and Gareth William’s Russia accept Tilsit without (overtly) being hated for it was Nathan Wagner as Prussia who ended up on top posting a record 9VPs at the end of Turn 3.

Monday night would have 31 players, and hence 2 three player games and some very high scores indeed.

2016 Champion Rejean Tremblay won with 9VP as Britain in their best result, in a game where for some reason nobody wanted to pick France so Bill Dickerson got her as last pick. Francis Czawlytko as Austria pipped defending champion Michael Dauer’s Britain in a five turn game to post the best result of the tournament as Austria, meanwhile Patrick Duffy posted another 5VP win, this time as France.

The two three player games both went the way of France, Bruce Young winning on the peace roll at 4VP at the end of Turn 3 and Jim Lawler finishing on 8 using his Prussian allies to conquer Russia and manage an automatic game end.

There was a good turnout for the coached game with Jonathan Nuwesra, getting the win as Britain on 5VP.

The final match saw Peter Reese’s Britain win on 5VP, Nathan Wagner taking 2nd place as Austria on 4 and with Gareth William’s France only slightly getting going as Napoleon was continually bedevilled with health issues and wounds.

The final heat would have a mathematical even 20 players and 4 games.

Ed Rothenheber ended up with another victory, this time as Britain, getting the 6 he needed to conquer Spain and the 6 he needed for the win on Turn 2 at 5VP. However, he did not get more than his fair share of rolls, needing 25 attempts to deal with the Bey of Algiers. Ed would take top seed from the heats as only he and Patrick would have two wins. In the same game Phil Rodrigues 2nd place would see him the only player to get two 2nds.

Michael Dauer would also score a British victory on a very low scoring table but with no one in negatives (0,3,0,0,2). Brian Sutton posting a win as France on 5 on the die roll at the end of Turn 2.

Thus far there had not been a single Russian victory, but would fall to Daniel Law to provide one, tieing on 8VP for the best Russian result ever. An eventful game that saw the Spanish fleet destroy the British; first Sweden have pre-empt, then Turkey, then both and Gareth William’s Austria using both Lancers and Cuirassiers to deal serious damage with Austrian cavalry. Newcomer Kip Brailey taking 2nd place as Britain on 6VP.

We didn’t quite have enough people to have five 5 player semis, so I will take the opportunity to remind people that while winning will continue to guarantee a place in the semifinals so long as we have fewer than 25 games in the heats, and that a second place will all but guarantee a spot there, we have always in practice had some wild card spots available and that you have a good chance of getting a game in the semifinals if you show up as a wild card. You’ll almost certainly get last pick at your table and therefore be all but certain to play Austria but you’ll get a game.

The first semifinal was a 4 player game where Michael Dauer took second pick as France. Michael was able to have the lead on 3VP at Turn 1 and Turn 2, but it was Patrick Duffy who took top pick to claim Britain and get the win on 3VP at the end of Turn 3.

The second semifinal had the top seed from the heats after two wins Ed Rothenheber claim France and power to victory on 10 VP at the end of Turn 2, crowned by routing a Kutusov led army group in Linz after inflicting 6 losses to Dysentery. Phil Rodrigues getting second as Russia.

Meanwhile Nathan Wagner would get off to a 6VP start as France, but drop back and be overtaken by Seth Gregor’s Prussia on the tiebreak at 3VP. It would however be good enough for Nathan to post 6th place and the coveted sand plaque.

The fourth and last semifinal saw something I had been waiting to see for a while, someone use Guerre de Course. On paper it’s a lot better in second edition but we haven’t seen anyone really use it.. Kip Brailey did, three times, which combined with the Spanish killing two British squadrons and an Irish Revolt largely shut down Francis Czawlytko’s top pick as Britain. Gareth Williams as neutral Prussia spent most of the last turn throwing out Mud and Armistice to keep the score tight and win on the tiebreak, but it was not to be, Kip getting the win in turn 4 with 5 VP to 3 for Gareth.

The rescheduled semifinal on Friday also ended up as a four player, and went to four turns. Brian Sutton’s Britain having the lead at the end of Turn 1 on tie break from Bruce Young’s France and building on that by the end of Turn 2. However Jon Emery as Russia would get to 6VP at Turn 3 and hold the lead at the end of Turn 4 on 4 to secure his place in the final.

The final table therefore would have Ed Rothenheber as top seed pick Britain, Kip Brailey as France, John Emery Russia, Patrick Duffy as Prussia and Seth Gregor as Austria - with two players, Kip and Seth in their first final of Nappy.

Ed and Kip would tied on VP at 3 and 4 after the first two turns, but ultimately Ed broke up to 6 at Turn 3 to win the game, John taking second with 4, Patrick 3rd with 2, Seth with 1 and Kip on -2.

I would like to thank all the players, as well the assistant GM team of Francis, Henry & Phil. We will almost certainly be reverting back to the previous schedule for next year.

The stats section because I am no longer limited by having to fit in the yearbook:

As always these are for five player games only and only date back until I started GMing in 2012

Five Player Results
  Wins VP
France 6 5.8
Britain 6 5.2
Austria 2 7.5
Russia 1 8.0
Prussia 2 6.0


Nathan Wagner set a new high score as Prussia with 9, beating Wade Hyatt’s record from 2013.

Daniel Law is now tied with Justin Morgan and Kevin Emery for high score with Russia on 8.

Francis Czawlytko’s 10VP as Austria is not a record, but as the 11VP record is the one he set in the final of 2013 he is still the only person to get double figure VP with Austria.

Average VP with 5 or more Wins
  Wins Average VP
John Emery 13 7.5
Brian Sutton 9 6.3
Michael Dauer 8 6.0
Rejean Tremblay 7 7.3
Francis Czawlytko 6 7.8
Gareth Williams 6 6.0
Al Hurda 5 5.8
Patrick Duffy 5 4.8



We added three more Marshalls to the list this year.

  • His Excellency Patrice Duffy, Comte de Charlottesville - For consistent participation
  • His Excellency Melvin Casselberry, Marquis de Muncy - For his work in training and nurturing new players
  • His Excellency Michel Dauer, Prince de Houston - For winning last year on his way to Caesar

They join the previous holders of this office:

  • His Excellency Bill Burtless Vicomte de Villaverte
  • His Excellency Philippe Rodrigues, Comte d’Annandale
  • His Excellency Francois Czawlytko, Crème-Fraîche Prince de Bel Air
  • His Excellency Henri Russell, Prince de Lancastre
  • His Excellency Jesse Boomer Vicomte de Wichita
  • His Excellency Al Hurda Comte de Kanata

Enacted by order of Gaston Guillaume, Chef du Staff, Duc de Doukkala

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
John Emery Patrick Duffy Seth Gregor Kip Brailey Nathan Wagner
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

GM Gareth Williams enjoying a game.

Ed Rothenheber playing his favorite nation of Britain.

A Friendly game of Nappy's War with Greenville sharks.

Finalists with GM Gareth Williams.

GM  Gareth Williams [7th Year]  NA
 wilphe@gmail.com  NA