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Titan: the Arena (TTA) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated November 26, 2018
73 Players Nora Frank 2018 Status 2019 Status Event History
2018 Champion & Laurels

Frank Triumphs At The Arena

Another year of seeing my awesome players having fun trying to kill creatures in the arena of battle! Fortunately attendance was up as we are working out the scheduling conflicts with other games that draw the same people. Out of the 20 qualifiers of the 23 heats (with three double-winners), 17 showed up to battle in the semifinals, so we used 3 alternates to make 4 games of 5 players each.

Competition was fierce in the semifinals, as the difference between first and second at three of the four tables was a single point or less. The fifth seat at the finals table was determined by Lexi Shea tying her 1st-place counterpart at 15 while Paul Bernhardt scored 14 out of 15.

This may in fact be the most conservative first three rounds of any final on record, with only Haakon’s second-round bet on the Hydra being lost among all three creatures. Of course, by the 4th round no game of Titan: The Arena ever stays conservative.

This year’s final was no exception. With both the Ranger and the Warlock still in play, the draw pile ran out quickly, and people were forced to make plays they might have planned to save for the final round. As such, no fewer than five spectators were played (including the 0 and 10), until finally Lexi managed to end the Titan, causing Andrew to lose his 4-point first-round bet, and Gregory to lose 3 points in 3rd- and 4th-round bets.

By the 5th round, it was still anyone’s game, depending upon how the secret bets played out. As it stood, each player had a single creature containing at least 7 points of their chips and at least one other creature with none of their chips at all (four players had two such creatures), so each of their fortunes could fluctuate wildly. To further complicate matters, Lexi played the Head Referee, forcing Andrew and Gregory to reveal their secret bets on the Ranger. Even so, while every creature had at least two players who cared nothing for it, there was only one creature upon which two players adjacent in the turn order had zero points, and that was the Troll. So, before play went around the table twice, the poor Troll regenerated his last, taking Haakon’s chances with it. After the dust settled, Nora came out on top by a single point!

A Titan: The Arena wrap-up would not be complete without naming the winners of this year’s medals. This year I gave out 8, named after 8 of the 11 spectator cards in the game (only three more to go!). The Mighty Minotaur (6), given to the person who comes sixth in the overall tournament, was given to Paul Bernhardt, whose score just missed his place in final. The Battling Behemoth (10) went to Nora “Slaughter” Frank who killed 8 creatures in her three heat games (and 2 in the SF and 3 in her F, which don’t count for this medal). Matthew Craig got the Shining Serpent (0) for betting 10 points on the last creature to die in a regular heat game. Jordan Shea earns the Weary Warbear (4) with his 8-point win on a tie. The Ardent Angel (7) went to Jeff Meyer, whose tie at 6 points was the highest last-place score.

The Overachieving Ogre (5) went to Nora Frank for earning 33 points total among his regular heat games. For the Greenie Gryphon (3) there were three rookies who had won a heat on their first tries but Steve Cuccaro managed a larger lead than the others to earn him the medal. Lastly, the Gabby Gargoyle (2) went to the player who had the most exposed points bet on a creature that survives in a regular heat game. Derek Landel managed to convince the other players at his table not to kill a creature that had 7 points of his on it.

Congrats to all the medalists, finalists, and to Nora Frank for becoming our new champion! Hope to see everyone next year!

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Lexi Shea Gregory Breza Andrew Drummond Haakon Monsen Paul Bernhardt
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

The Arena (Ski Lodge) filled with monsters and bettors.

A handful of Orange.

Peter Staab waiting for his chance to play.

Finalists with GM Greg Crowe

GM  Greg Crowe [16th year]  NA 
 ginfeatures@gmail.com  NA