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Titan (TTN) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated November 26, 2018
31 Players David Platnick 2018 Status 2019 Status Event History
  2018 Champion & Laurels

Platnick Wins Titan Championship

Participation this year was about the same as last year. Counting the semifinals and the final we played 12 three player games, 12 four player games and 1 five player game. We only had 11 players participate in the semifinals and needed to use a 3 player final because of that. We were missing a few regulars this year who might be back in the future. Also some people had conflicts on Friday. Right now moving the semifinals off Friday doesn't work very well. If someday the auction moves to Monday (don't hold your breath) then we probably will shift back a full day. We may end up swapping the Thursday late slot with a Tuesday slot. This will make things easier on the GM and isn't a real popular time anyway.

With the average age of Titan players getting older it was nice to have a couple of younger players participate. Hopefully Oscar and Aaron will continue to participate.

Akihisa Tabei donated some counter sheets again as has been his custom the last few years. With Titan currently out of print this helps people keep their sets complete.

Over the years we have had complaints about odd or cheaply made dice being used. Next year there is a good chance that we will experiment with providing dice used for rolls (damage marking can use any dice). I looked into this a bit and if money were no object, it looks like backgammon dice would be the way to go. Craps dice don't work well for boardgames.

However backgammon dice are around 20 times as expensive as Chessex dice and the feeling was that Chessex dice would be good enough to alleviate some of the concerns even though they have dimples. So the tentative plan is to provide 12mm dice cubes (36 dice) for games and see how that works.

In semifinal 1 Rich Atwater got off to a really good recruiting start. He got his first Warbear on turn 5, a second on turn 7 and a giant on turn 9.

He eventually parlayed this into a win. In contrast Dave Finberg was unable to ever get a behemoth into his titan legion. Michael Pustilnik had four rolls for a 6 to be able to teleport from a tower and recruit a dragon for two minotaurs. Then while Dave was next to a tower with titan, 3x cyclops, and lion, Rich teleported in with 2x angel, griffon, 2x ranger, and lion. Dave tried to run, but only rolled a 2 and Rich caught him while also getting his second colossus.

At that point Dave and Michael resigned.

In semifinal 2 Kevin Hillock attacked Nick Page titan on titan. Nick got lucky and got a shot at Kevin's titan, but his luck ran out and he was eliminated. Then David Platnik attacked Brian Sutton titan on titan. As a prep for this he also did another attack to try to make his titan a bit better, but it was a bad attack and ended up making Brian's titan better instead. David then made a poor move and got a bit unlucky in the titan battle to give Brian a shot at his titan. But Brian missed and David came out of the battle great just short of enough points for titan teleport.

Kevin was then forced to attack a four serpent legion with only three serpents. He won but was stripped and a ranger legion 2 spaces away was able to finish Kevin off.

In semifinal 3 Akihisa Tabei attacked Bruce Rae on turn 3 with titan, warlock, lion, centaur, and gargoyle versus titan, 2x lion, 2x centaur, and gargoyle in the mountains. Bruce won with titan and lion after his gargoyle got 2 hits upslope against Aki's titan and ended up with 101 points (missing an angel). Aaron Fuegi eventually fought two very close battles, losing the first, but winning the second, to eliminate Bruce and get to a bit over 200 points. The second battle was warlock, 2x ranger versus titan 8, angel, and lion in the jungle. The warlock went 7 for 7 (a rangestrike and a melee attack) to win the battle. Aaron later made a mistake and let Nick Klercker attack his titan with angel, serpent, 2x behemoth, and 3x gorgon (but no ang to call) versus titan 8, serpent, 2x behemoth, warlock, gorgon, and ranger in the jungle. But Aaron managed to win with titan 10, serpent (recruited), and 2x angel. He then rolled a 6 to escape and eventually get to titan 11, archangel, 2x serpent, and 2x angel, while dominating the board and Nick conceded with titan, serpent, 2x behemoth, and 3x gorgon.

In the final David Platnik got lucky throughout the game except for taking 5 rolls to get his colossus (needing any odd number). David made a poor attack and lost his archangel. David fought another battle poorly and risked losing both his colossus, but didn't. Late in the game Aaron Fuegi's best chance was to eliminate Rich Atwater to get his points. He had three 1 in 6 chances for Rich to roll poorly, but Rich never rolled a 1 and eventually David eliminated Rich instead, at which point Aaron conceded.

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Aaron Fuegi Rich Atwater Michael Pustilnik Kevin Hillock Nick Klercker
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Michael Pustilnik and Ed Rothenheber match.

Steve Koleszar looking over the board.

Pausing for the camera.

Finalists in action.

GM  Bruno Wolff III [24th year]  NA 
 bruno@wolff.to  NA