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Tyranno Ex (TYX) WBC 2018 Event Report
Updated November 26, 2018
26 Players Jennifer Visocnik 2018 Status 2019 Status Event History
  2018 Champion   & Laurels

Tyranno Ex Returns For A Third Tour At WBC

It’s tough to get a new game in as a tournament at WBC. But it is even tougher to get an OLD game into WBC as a tournament. Newer games will at least be familiar to more of the voters. Tyranno Ex was originally published in the US by Avalon Hill in 1992, and was a staple of Avaloncons/WBCs up through 2006, then missed the cut for trial status until 2009, when it returned for two years. Now the game is 25 years old and hasn’t been at WBC for the last seven years. How to get it back? Well, last year at WBC I got contact info on everyone I saw who was on the Laurel listing or who I knew had attended the tournaments (I was GM for most of those years, so I was familiar with who had played). Then I sent out emails before and during the December voting period to marshal support and get out the vote. Even so, it was a very near thing as TYX just barely garnered enough votes to make it back in as a trial event (unfortunately, bumping out The Princes of Florence, another of my favorites). So here we are.

The demo on Wednesday morning was well attended, with a mix of newbies and folks wanting a refresher on the rules. The first heat saw 16 people sign up, a pretty good turnout for TYX and perfect for four boards. Defending champion from 2010 Ed Kendrick showed he hadn’t lost a step over the last eight years in his impressive 58-point win over Kaarin Engelman, Katherine Hitchings, and Jonathan Towne. Mike Mahady beat out two-time champion Verity Hitchings, Pete Gathmann and Bruce Hodgins. Skip Maloney took a break from demoing games for Rio Grande Games to get a 1-point win in his match against Jeff Finkeldey, Daniel Farrow IV and Jason Arvey. And GM Tom DeMarco won against Woolly Farrow V, Peter Staab and Tamara Houde.

Friday’s second heat saw ten new, and five repeat players for another four game heat. Steve Cameron was victorious over Jodi Folk, Marc Houde and Missy Youells. Jennifer Visocnik outpointed Verity, Rachel Harley and Tom Vickery. Virginia Harley beat out Matt Evinger and Pete G, the game ending with a meteor strike that killed off all of the remaining species, while Iain McGraw won his match versus Katherine, Skip, and Tom D.

Saturday’s semifinal was disappointing as only a mere six of the fifteen eligible first and second place finishers showed up. As it was, we had to wait ten minutes for the sixth person to show up because having only five for the semi would have been a disaster. Virginia was able to employ the mass extinction strategy again to secure her win over Iain and Ed. Tom D was able to keep the environments favorable for his species in his big win over Jennifer and Skip. Jennifer and Iain each finished second in those games to join Virginia and Tom in the Final.

In the final, Jennifer and Tom got off to a slight lead on turn 1 with 7 points each to Virginia and Iain’s 3 points. Turn 2 saw Tom shut out while everyone else earned 11 points, putting Jennifer in the lead. Jennifer and Iain used their +5 point markers for an extra environment change and an extra battle respectively on turn 3 to earn 14 points each while Virginia and Tom scored a mere 3 points. Turn 4 saw the first double advance for species on the board and Virginia attempted to keep her species alive by using her +5 marker for an environment change, but she and Iain scored zero points while Tom tried to catch up, scoring 12 to Jennifer’s 13 points for a 17 point lead for Jennifer. On the fifth and final turn Tom used his +5 marker for an extra battle, but still was only able to score 8 points along with Iain while Jennifer coasted along for 10 points to a 19 point win with 55 points over Iain with 36 points, Tom with 30 points, and Virginia with 16 points. Congratulations Jennifer!

Will Tyranno Ex be back for another year in 2019? Well I’ll try the same thing I did for this year’s event to get out the vote and maybe TYX will get a few more votes from the people that played it for the first time this year. I’m sure that the bar for entry will be set a little higher for next year’s Trial Event Ballot. Time will tell. Thanks to all of those who voted for it this year, and I hope to see you all again next year.

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: NA
Iain McGraw Tom DeMarco Virginia Harley Ed Kendrick Skip Maloney
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Finalists including GM Tom DeMarco.

GM  Tom DeMarco [1st Year]  NA