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1776 (776) WBC 2019 Event Report
Updated September 23, 2019.
17 Players Steve Packwood 2019 Status 2020 Status History/Laurels
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1776 Returns to WBC

1776 was back after a long absence. It joined the grognard free form format, and to encourage participation, any scenario or rules could be used if agreed upon. In the event, the Saratoga and 9-turn Campaign Game were the ones used. After all the preliminary games were completed, four players advanced to the semi-final games.

One semifinal was between Bob Jamelli and Brian Scilzo (at his first WBC) where they played the Saratoga scenario, with Bob as the British. On the first turn Bob took Fort Constitution but not West Point. Washington’s army at Morristown headed northwest. Bob took Philadelphia and Albany on turn 2. On turn 5 (of 7), the American reinforcements came on at Pittsfield and headed for New York while the British were with the rest of the Americans away from the coast. Then the American player was able to take New York for the win (since holding New York was a requirement for the British).

The other semifinal was the 9-turn Campaign Game with David Dockter as the British with a bid of 15 against GM Steve Packwood. The first 6 turns were mainly maneuver: no BR or CA ever came in contact. In May the American fleet boldly besieged a British transport fleet in Boston, where reinforcements were due to arrive. Well, not so boldly, since the British battle fleets were with the other transport fleet in the south. The British attacked the American fleet in July for NO EFFECT! (1 chance in 6). They eliminated the American fleet in August after the American fled to block the Chesapeake Bay. August also saw the first battle between regulars at St. Johns. The last turn saw the British come up short giving the Americans the win.

The 1776 Final was the 9-turn Campaign Game between Brian and Steve, but with no American navy and no Forced March at Brian’s request. Steve took the British with a bid of 13.

The Indians moved on turn 1. The Americans retreated from Quebec. On turn 2 the British landed in the South Center. On turn 3 the Americans were making a maximum push on Boston, so the British returned with his original fleet with 3 BR that had left and a new BF with artillery and 1 BR. No one landed in the South. April saw the American in the fort at St. Johns besieged by Tories. The American came out, but there was no battle. Tories besieging Charleston and Ticonderoga were destroyed. In May, Boston was still under threat, so more British landed. On the American turn, they started sending forces north. The British landed in Philadelphia with a BF and TF from the South Center. In June the British took St. Johns and Ticonderoga. Reinforcements came in Philadelphia and many move out to sea. All but 4 from Boston move outside under an entrenchment. July saw the last British reinforcements come on at Georgetown. An American move on Quebec and Montreal drew a reaction from Ticonderoga. The British positioned themselves within range of all the strategic towns in the South and South Center. American forces in Wyoming caused the British to reinforce Philadelphia.

At the end of the last British turn, they held 16 strategic towns. The American needed to take 4. On the American turn he had attacks on 4 towns. They were 5-1 (negative 1), 3-2 and two 1-1 attacks. The American won the first 3 attacks. The last 1-1 was 16 vs. 14 and had 8 die rolls before the attack ended with both sides in the hex for a British win.

2019 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0

Brian Scilzo Bob Jamelli David Dockter Bob Frisby Bruno Sinigaglio
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

GM Steve Packood and Rob Frisby battle in 1776.

David Dockter faces GM Steve Packwood in the semifinals.

Brian Scilzo faces the GM in the Final.
GM     Steve Packwood [1st Year]   NA
   sspackwood@comcast.net    NA