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7 Wonders (7WS) WBC 2019 Event Report
Updated September 20, 2019. Icon Key
163 Players Chad Walker 2019 Status 2020 Status History/Laurels
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Please Bring Your Games!

Please, please remember to bring your games in our first heat I had to turn away people. There were over 300 players in the open heats for this year's 7 Wonders tournament. Just 8 fewer players than last year with 313. So that means we had 397 player-starts from 225 unique players. We had one game with two players playing Alexandria Simultaneously? but that was not the most popular wonder, that was Ephesos.

This was the 2nd year that you don't have to play Babylon, the statistically hardest city to win with. There were people who played Babylon in the open heats this year and did not do well as Babylon (46% 4th only 13% 1st). Babylon didn't do as well in the quarterfinals either taking 4th in all Quarter-final games (both) in which it was played. For next year, I'll keep the option to take another random city if the player who picks Babylon wants too.

The stand out Wonder for this year was Rhodos. With 31% 1st in the heats 52% 1st quarterfinals and 75% 1st in the Semifinals. Although it only had a second and fourth in the finals. The rule of small numbers does apply to the semifinals games where there were only 4 games 3 wins and a 3rd. Alexandria, Gizha, Halikarnassos, and Olympia all had within 3 percentage of average for open heats. So in the last four years we have had Giza, Halikarnassos, Alexandria, and Rhodos perform the best. Does this mean it's Olympia's or Ephesos’s turn next year?

Let's talk about bidding. I'm glad the bidding system was simple enough that people didn't even feel they needed the chart to bid. I'm glad that there was some bidding, but no crazy bids the highest bid was 4. Besides that single bid of 4 there were no bids passed 2. Most bids were on Alexandria. Although Alexandria did poorly this year it was not because of the bids. They didn't miss a single first place because of the bid. There were only 2 games where the bid changed who won, 3rd to 4th for the 4 point bid on Alexandria and first to second on a 1 point bid for Ephesos who lost the tiebreaker.

Congratulations to the finalists Joseph Carrick, Mike Kaltman, Stave LeWinter, Chad Walker. Joseph won the first game with Giza, second place was Chad with Olympia, Stave with Third-place using Alexandria and Mike in 4th Place with Rhodos. For the second game Chad came back to win using Giza giving him the wood. Second place was Stave with Rhodos bringing him to second overall. Third place was Mike with Olympia leaving him with 4th overall. Joseph using Alexandria Came in fourth in the final game but with his earlier second got third in the tournament.

Please, please remember to bring your games.

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Steve LeWinter Joseph Carrick Michael Kaltman Chris Meyer Ricky Boyes
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
GM Philip Shea tallying his scores in heat game. All smiles in this game.
Chris Yaure contemplating his next play. Eric Guttag completing a wonder.
Fun during Epoch III. The end is near.



GM    Philip Shea [4th Year]   NA
   Philip3007@Yahoo.com    NA