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Acquire (ACQ) WBC 2019 Event Report
Updated October 7, 2019
98 Players Steve Shambeda 2019 Status 2020 Status History/Laurels
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Acquire Hits Record Number!

This was our biggest year ever - 98 players 44 games! One play that I have to caution all players on: don't let an opponent get first and second place payouts on the first merger. That happened five times this year. All five players won. Players taking first in the first merger won 16 games, taking second won 10 games and players not in the first merger won 13 games.

This year's crushing win goes to Steve Shambeda with 82% more money than second place. Yes, he had a 1 and 2 payout on the first merger. The squeaker was Steve Packwood over Jeff Wu in a five player game. Seat 2 held a dominant place this year with 19 wins. Seat 3 had 11. Seats 1 and 4 had equal wins with 7 each. Low value hotels were the primary choice of being created first.

The semifinalss had an upset at the start. Perennial Powerhouse Steve Packwood was a no-show. Two more of the top sixteen left the convention early allowing three alternates in. Steve Shambeda continued his winning ways as the number one seed. Jeff Wu won without the benefit of a first merger payout. John R. Myers returned to the final (where he played against Steve Shambeda in 2017) with the largest margin of victory in the semis. And Rich Curtin was charmed with a win for his third semi-final appearance in four years.

Random seating was John, Steve, Rich, and Jeff. John started low with Tower on his first turn. Steve went high with Continental on the edge but bought Tower. Rich played on the edge and bought tower too. Jeff put the hammer down by playing a medium American two spaces away from Tower. On turn 2 Rich started with a medium World Wide. On turn 5, Steve created Luxor as the last chain at 8E/9E.

All players went crazy buying only Luxor until all 25 shares were gone. Steve's bonus share and math prowess gave him a 7-6-6-6 edge over his opponents. On Turn 9 Jeff merged American into Tower giving Jeff and Steve a tied first place payout. With American the only available hotel to be created, Jeff and Steve kept their shares. John traded for a now-safe Tower.

Jeff and Steve spent their cash as fast as possible. Jeff gained control of Festival. Steve recreated American securing first and bought to take over Imperial. On Turn 14 John merged Imperial into American allowing him to sell his shares and buy more Tower. On his next play John had Tower take over World Wide even though he had no World Wide shares. John bought his tenth share of Tower.

Rich recreated World Wide and everybody bought in again. On the last turn of the game, John had Tower take over Luxor – he traded for three shares locking up first place. Rich had Tower take over World Wide and with Tower at 41+ tiles, called the game. Steve's multiple chain payouts held off John's first place Tower payoff giving Steve his second Acquire Championship.

A special Thank You to Gary Moss who gave me an unplayed 1969 bookshelf copy of Acquire.

2019 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Jeff Wu Richard Curtin John Myers Mark Love Paul Klayder
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Heat action brings some serious looking Hotel Managers. Waiting for the first merger.
Early action in the heats. Nathan Wagner surveying the late game hotel chains.
GM     Cliff Ackman [13th Year]   NA
   Cliff006@Frontier.com    NA