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Adel Verpflichtet (ADV) WBC 2019 Event Report
Updated October 7, 2019
50 Players David John Pack 2019 Status 2020 Status History/Laurels
  2019 Champion   Click box for details. Click box for details.

Jailed Thieves help David John Win Title!

Once again I was asked to step in and perform the GM duties for this event when the previous year’s GM found that they would be unable to commit to GMing. I believe that Angela will be able to resume GMing duties next year. I had thought that scheduling the last two heats on the Second Saturday of the convention would attract folks that were looking for an event that had not finished all of their first round heats and had not made it to any semifinals. It seems I was wrong, as total attendance had a sharp decline. The tournament format would advance to the semifinal first all players that won both of the two games in any heat (scoring 5 points for each game, or 10 points), then all players getting a first in one game and a second in the other (for 9 points) in any heat, then a total of 8 points, etc.

The first heat, held on First Sunday, attracted 25 folks, including former champs Haakon Monsen and Tom DeMarco, which was perfect for five full tables. Seven folks dropped out after the first game, leaving two 5-player and two 4-player games to finish the heat. Leaders after the first heat were Paul Gaberson with 10 points, Tom DeMarco with 9 points, and Tim Packwood, Cary Morris, Sharee Pack and Luke Morris, each with 8 points.

The second heat, on Second Saturday afternoon, drew 17 new and 8 returning players, including former champs John Pack, Thomas Browne, and Christopher Yaure. Cary improved to 10 points, Luke improved to 9 points and was joined by Eugene Yee and Thomas at 9 points, while Glenn E. L. Petroski scored 8 points.

The third and final heat followed on the heels of the second, with 8 new players, including former champ Marc Houde, and 11 returning players. Owen Kyrollos became the final player to score 10 points, while Tamara Houde and Pete Gathmann scored 9 points, and Alyssa Mills scored 8 points. The semifinal was held that evening, and though 28 players were listed on the kiosk as qualifying, only 12 showed up, including alternate qualifiers with only 6 points. So the decision was made to play three 4-player games, with the top two at each table becoming laurelists. At one table, David-John Pack won over Luke, Alyssa, and Tom. Thomas beat out Tim, Sharee, and Pete. And Brady Detwiler (last year’s 2nd place finisher) bested Tamara, Rob Kircher, and Francois de Bellefeuille. Tim and Tamara had better second place finishes, so Luke earned the sixth place laurels.

In the final, Thomas was first around the first corner, while Brady and Tim both had two thieves in jail, improving the chances of moving forward via exhibiting. Soon all players had zoomed around the first corner and were bunched up on three consecutive spaces on the back stretch. David-John was first around the second corner, then he used the run-run-run strategy to advance to the final 5/3 space. At this point, it was Tamara and Thomas who had two thieves in jail, allowing David-John to exhibit and cross the finish by five spaces. Thomas had the largest final set of nine cards, giving him an additional eight spaces, but only enough to put him two spaces past the finish for second place. Tamara gained the four space bonus for the second-best set of cards, but finished two spaces short of the finish for third place. Tim was one space behind Tamara, and Brady was one space behind Tim.

Congratulations to David-John, bringing home another Adel Verpflichtet plaque for the Pack family (joining the five championship plaques won by dad John), and congrats to Brady, who has finished in the top five for the last three years. I hope to see everyone next year, when Angela (hopefully) will return to GM and schedule the event better than I did.

2019 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Thomas Browne Tamara Houde Tim Packwood Brady Detwiler Luke Morris
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

GM Tom DeMarco all smiles in his game. A room full of Collectors and Thieves.

Tom Browne on his way to a semifinal victory. Tamara Houde punching her ticket to the Finals.

David John Pack earns his way to the Finals. Adel Verplichtet Top 5 Finishers.
GM     Tom Demarco [1st]  NA
    NA   NA