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Battle Cry (BCY) WBC 2019 Report
Updated October 19, 2019.
51 Players Steve Lollis 2019 Status 2020 Status History/Laurels
2019 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Lollis Repeats As Champion!

The Mulligan round 1 on the First Saturday more than doubled last year’s Mulligan attendance with 22 players paired up for 11 two-game matches contesting the Battle of Shiloh. Thirteen of the games were Union victories, versus 9 for the Confederates. The best news – unlike last year, players brought enough games (barely) so everyone who attended could play!

Twenty-nine new players plus 1 Mulligan returnee showed up to play 15 two-game matches of First Bull Run in round 1 on the 2nd Saturday. The split was even – 15 wins for the blue, 15 for the gray.

Thirteen winners were joined by 6 Mulligan round winners, resulting in 9 second round games of Chickamauga and a bye for last year’s champ Steve Lollis. This left us with 10 players to compete in round 3, Pea Ridge, which yielded 5 winners and a 6th place finish for Alex Bell.

5 players is a tough number in a two-player game tournament. Round 4 featured 2nd Bull Run. Steve Lollis defeated Jack Morrell while Peter Stein defeated Chris Miller. Following the WBC dictum to avoid late round byes, the GM (I had been beaten in round 2) stepped in to play as an eliminator against Dave Metzger, but I failed to do my job.

That left 3 undefeated players, also a tough number. The scenario was Kernstown. Since Pete and I are in the same game club, he played and defeated Dave while I again took the role of eliminator against Steve, and again failed in my job.

So the BCY Final, Gettysburg 2nd day, pitted last year’s champion, Steve Lollis against 2013 champion Peter Stein. Steve bid three discards to play the Confederates against Peter’s Union, then kicked things off with a Short Supply of Pete’s forwardmost artillery unit. Pete’s Probe Center was met by a Coordinated Advance which got first blood by eliminating a Union Inf. Units on both flanks were also engaged, and after Pete used his first discard, he played an Assault Center that removed one of Steve’s Confederate infantry. Both sides “advanced” damaged units to their rear, followed by a Confederate bombardment that removed another Union Inf. Pete’s Union troops occupied the Wheat Field and Devil’s Den. Meanwhile, Steve’s Confederates constructed Fieldworks on his left, but his Call for Artillery Reinforcements went unanswered due to lack of availability. This initial skirmishing left Pete with several weakened units and he assumed a defensive posture, waiting for an opportunity to attack. After 26 turns – 13 turns each – the Rebels had two banners, the Federals had one.

Now came the most intense fighting of the game. Steve started pressing on the Union left, initiating a major engagement. Pete used his last two discards and came up with the Battle Cry card, pressing right back. Over the course of the next six turns, five units were eliminated – two Union (one of them in Devil’s Den) and three Confederate. But the Union left was done for. Now, after 32 turns, the score was four banners each.

During the next dozen turns: Pete took a pot shot at a Reb general, but missed; Steve attacked again on the Union left and took out another Union inf.; back-to-back turns saw both sides lose an artillery unit. After 44 turns, Steve led 6-5.

The next 19 turns saw both sides moving cautiously in all three sections of the map and maneuvering for position (and retreating damaged units out of range.) The Union Called for Reinforcements and did have an artillery unit in reserve which was placed in the Wheat Field. It got chased out, but moved back in, and its presence no doubt extended the game. On turn 62, Pete saw a slim chance to win and used a Leadership card to attack two enemy units, killing one but only damaging the other. Steve, who led for most of the game, then also played a Leadership card and took out a final Union inf. unit for the seventh banner and the win.

This was a grueling 63-turn contest, but fortunately neither contestant was a slow player. The narrow 7-6 win made Steve Lollis the first player in the history of the BCY event to win back-to-back championships. He also joins Jeff Cornett as the only other 3-time winner. Whew!

Among the fifty-one unique players, the most since 2007, who participated were over 20 laurelists from past years, including seven previous BCY champions.

See everyone next year – remember to bring copy of the game

2019 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Pete Stein Dave Metzger Chris Miller Jack Morrell Alex Bell
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
GM Mike Stanley getting recharged for the next round. The battle nears the end.
Laurelist Dave Metzger getting ready for a
confederate push.
Finalists Steve Lollis and Pete Stein with
GM Mike Stanley.
GM  Mike Stanley [2nd Year]  NA
 gamingwithMike@yahoo.com  NA