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Bitter Woods (BWD) WBC 2019 Report
Updated October 19, 2019.
19 Players Bill Morse 2019 Status 2020 Status Event History
2019 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Morse stops Sinigaglio 3-Peat Run!

It was another good year for Bitter Woods at Seven Springs. New players came out of the woodwork and Randy popped in for a surprise visit. This year we attracted 19 players and played more than 20 games.

In the prelims, Johnny Hasay finished atop the leaderboard, with Bruno Sinigaglio, Bill Morse and Wade Hyett rounding out the playoff field. During the prelims Bruno with a 7106 AREA Rating was again defeated by a player more than 2000 points below in AREA Rating when Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent (Jones) knocked him off - that has happened three years in a row now, with Johnny Hasay being the victor in 2018 and 2017.

This year's finalists pleasantly included a new face, Wade Hyett, plus three perennial playoff antagonists: Johnny Hasay, Bill Morse and Bruno Sinigaglio. Johnny and Wade were partnered in one semi-final whilst Bruno and Bill faced off in the other.

In the Bruno-Bill semifinal, Bill playing the Americans did what he does best - counterattacks. The Germans would have won the six-turn scenario, but Bill's counterattacks killed Dietrich, Brandy plus a NW and a Mech Infantry. A Wizard should know better. At least Bruno won't need to hear Bill's intern, Alex Gregorio, comment on what a dastardly player Bruno is for beating Bill.

In the Johnny-Wade semifinal, things went badly before the game began. Johnny won the random roll by getting selected to play the Germans. If you play Johnny, hope he doesn't get to be the Germans. He is death when he plays as the Krauts, but he is like a lamb chop as the Amis. Alas, John's unexpected moves coupled with his disgusting Green Weeny spelled doom for Wade.

That left frequent combatants Bill and Johnny in the Championship. Johnny again won the random roll by getting selected to play the Germans, but Bill was playing his strength also as the Americans. Early in the game, Bill taught Johnny a lesson when he killed some troops from KGP. Eventually, the game boiled down to two attacks by Johnny on the last turn: a 1-1(0) at Bastogne and a 1-1(-1) on the Francorchamps Fuel Dump. Johnny's Green Weeny did not help this time, as he rolled a SU(???) at Bastogne and an Engaged at the Dump.

Congratulations to Mr. Bill on his third WBC DBW Championship.

2019 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 3
Johnny Hasay Bruno Sinigaglio Wade Hyett Frank Sinigaglio Cecil Jones
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Bruno earning his way to the single elimination
portion of the tournament.
Bill Morse playing on the Big Board.
Preliminary Round action in the woods.
Finalists with GM Bruno Sinigaglio.
GM Bruno Sinigaglio [3rd Year]  NA
 Brunofjs@hotmail.com  NA