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Carcassonne (CAR) WBC 2019 Event Report
Updated October 19, 2019 Icon Key
182 Players Brad Sherwood 2019 Status 2020 Status Event History
2019 Champion & Laurels

Sherwood Captures Carcassonne Title!

Thank you to all the meeples who participated in Carcassonne 2019! We saw increased participation from the previous year and had two qualifying heats with over 100 participants! In addition, it was the first time in a several years where we were almost short games for the Quarterfinals. Fortunately, the GM team had brought four copies with them, with one of those copies being short a scoreboard, but that table made it work manually with a sheet of paper. Kudos to that table for being flexible and creative!

Our four finalists each had different roads to the final table. Two of our finalists had a bye in the Quarterfinal: Brad Sherwood & Patrick Shea. Chad Martin won his Quarterfinal table by a slim margin of 6 points over Eric Freeman, and Lumin Sterling won his Quarterfinal by 22 points. Lumin’s Quarterfinal table happened to be the slowest table at the Quarterfinal round; however, this was not caused by gameplay. The slowness was creating by their table receiving their tiles last, and not having the use of a real scoreboard. In the Semifinals, Brad, Chad, and Patrick won their rounds handily by 18, 20, and 22 points, respectively. Lumin’s Semifinal table was much closer, with him edging out Paul Rubin by only 3 points! The Quarterfinals were full of close games! We had 9 games in the Quarterfinals, and of those, 3 games were won by less than 3 points, and 3 other games were won by the slim margin of 6-8 points.

At the Final table, the players chose their special meeples and play commenced on the giant Carcassonne set. Brad chose the peg-leg pirate, Chad chose the Astronaut, Lumin chose the Swamp Dragon, and Patrick chose the Scottish Highlander. Brad & Chad shared several items early in the game to get out to an early lead. Patrick began building a giant city to catch back up, which Lumin eventually joined in on. However, on Chad’s next turn, he pulled a tile that would prevent the completion of that city, which he did. Patrick was understandably upset, as he had just pulled the tile he needed to complete the city and score a plethora of points! In the end, the completion of the mega city would not have secured Patrick nor Lumin the victory, but completing that city would have also given Patrick & Lumin an extra meeple to work with, which could have changed the final standings. In the end, it was an exciting final to watch, and a time-lapse of the final has been posted to the WBC Facebook Page and my personal Facebook page (Jennifer Visocnik).

Byes to the Semifinals will continue to be offered to players with multiple wins. However, the number of byes given out will always be determined by how many winners show up to the Quarterfinal. For example, if we have a year where we have 12 multi-game winners and 40 single-game winners show up to the Quarterfinal, we will give out 4 byes to the top multigame winners, and the remaining 8 multigame winners would join the other 40 single-game winners in the Quarterfinal. To date, we have been able to give byes to all multigame winners, but as the tournament continues to grow, someday this may no longer be possible. Additionally, in previous years, we have occasionally used alternates to fill in the remaining Quarterfinal positions, but beginning in 2020, we will not offer any Quarterfinal positions to anyone without a win in a qualifying heat. If we have uneven numbers, we will have tables with 3-4 players at each table instead of advancing non-winners to ensure that all tables have 4 players.

In 2019, we started using the alternate rule which has the first player play their meeple on the start tile instead of first drawing from the tile stack/bag. No one commented to the GM team on this change, so I will have to assume that the players enjoyed this change, which enables every player to play with the same number of tiles.

With regards to the time-lapse of the final, there were a couple of concerns from viewers of the final over whether or not players’ faces would be seen in the time-lapse. Our time-lapse is focused on the game table itself. The time-lapse shows the game, the scoreboard, and an occasional players arm, but no faces are visible.

2019 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Chad Martin Lumin Sperling Patrick Shea Paul Rubin Martin Heintzelman
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Preliminary Round Action. Youg Generation making their way to Carcassonne.
Some serious builders and farmers. Were should I place this tile?
She looks confident in her board position. Finalists with GM Jennifer Visocnik.
GM  Jennifer Visocnik [7th Year]  NA
 FluteKitty@Gmail.com  NA