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Combat Commander (CBC) WBC 2019 Event Report
Updated October 19, 2019.
46 Players Larry Sisson 2019 Status 2020 Status Event History
2018-2019 Champion & Laurels

Did You Say Sand?

The 2019 Combat Commander Tournament competitors gathered together early on Wed. morning at First Tracks Slopeside ready for action. This year’s tournament had 44 competitors check in for the day long contest of physical and mental stamina required for the CC tournament. This year’s theme was “Its Sandy Outside” and featured scenarios for the years 1939-1943, focusing on actions involving Italian, Commonwealth, Free French, US, and German units in the Mediterrean. The tournament again used the Swiss-Elim format with four opening rounds advancing the top four players to the single elimination playoffs.

The first round consisted of four games played in succession with two thirds of the entrants playing in three or more rounds. The scenarios for this year were A) Bad Bad News (Italians vs Commonwealth), B) D is for Detritius (German vs Commonwealth), C) Longstop Hill (German vs Commonwealth), and D Tussle at Malmae (German vs British) All four games played finished within the timeframes set out for the tournament although round 4 was subject to the.

After all the preliminaries were finished four players stood above the rest of the field and advanced to the Single Elimination Rounds. Defending Champion, Larry Sisson, was the top seed, followed by Jordan Keherer, then Nick Avtges, and qualifying for the fourth and final spot was Andy Maly. Derek Pulhamus and JR Tracy rounded out the Laurel positions taking 5th and 6th places. In the Semi-Finals Larry Sisson faced Nick and Jordan opposed Andy. The scenario for the semifinals was a “what if” design of defending Free French vs US troops on a city map. Larry defeated Andy after a tight game meaning Larry would defend his title and in the other Semi-Final Jordan was bested by Nick in an evenly fought match advancing Nick to his first CC Final.

In the Final Nick and Larry opted to play Scenario 21, "Saint Agatha", of the Med play book. Larry had the Italians and set up first. Nick set his Americans last attacking the hill from behind the minimal cover provided by the buildings in his setup area. The Italians put 3 squads and a leader on the 2 space of the turn track, as hidden units to hopefully save the day if things had gone bad fast or to run off and pad the point if they got a chance. The Italian 2 command leader with the Medium MG and a squad setup in objective 5 with foxholes, looking to shot at anything to draw cards. There were also mines placed in setup buildings. The American setup in the back behind the buildings and into the left woods looking to advance to a good firing position up onto the hill. The match opened with the usual back and forth shooting from US MMG uphill into objective 5 foxholes and the Italians shooting at whatever they could to hopefully get a time check. The 2nd time check happened kind of early, and the Italians were able to take advantage of space and a decent card combination of Move, Recover, Advance to get the reinforcements off the board for double exit points and to pad their VP’s. From then on there was lots of small shots to try and get to the sudden death marker, which happened on the first check at less than 7. Like in any close Combat Commander game the deck can let you down, which is what happened to Nick he could not get a recover card when he needed them and could not get a move card when he needed them, and that it timed out on the first check was just plain unlucky. Larry had defended his title, only the second CC Champion to do so. Nick cemented his return to WBC by securing a well-earned second place.

2019 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 4
Nick Avtges Jordan Kehrer Andy Maly Derek Pulhamus J.R. Tracy
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Marty Sample among the crowd at Combat Commander. Dave Long wanders in the desert.
Bob Heinzman looks over the river. Nathan Wagner taking on Mark Yoshikawa.
The Chairman versus the GM, who would you bet on? Finalists battle in the sand.
GM Bryan Collars [9th Year] NA
jbcollars@bellsouth.net NA