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Churchill (CHL) WBC 2019 Event Report
Updated October 19, 2019.
24 Players Alex Gregorio 2019 Status 2020 Status Event History
2019 Champion & Laurels

Maybe Not Our Finest Generation!

Churchill 2019 saw its biggest attendance since the introductory tournament at 24 players! The bad news: the recreation of the Allies war strategy in WWII resulted in 7 out of 10 preliminary games concluding with Global Hegmon (where both Axis powers had not surrendered). And only 1 of those 3 Axis surrender was an actual total Alliance Victory. Under these circumstances, 1st year (2016) champion Alex Gregorio returned to the tourney and returned to form as he displayed U.S. mastery to another Championship.

1st Heat winners included Alex, Bill Powers, Jordan Kehrer, Tripp Killian, Scott Beall, and Richard Beyma. 2nd Heat winner included Steven Caler, Paul Gaberson, William Kendrick, and 2018 Defending champion Joel Tamburo. Even considering the incredibly competitive prelim games, where 6 out of the 10 victories were within 4 VPs, the most amazing result was Joel’s victory where, as Churchill, he won the tie-breaker over Jeff Burdett and Erin Weir with the rarely employed Churchill tiebreaker win; even though he was not one of the powers tied for 1st.

The victories in the heats were distributed – 5 UK, 3 US, 2 USSR. While Churchill does seem to have the advantage, in games where the Roosevelt and Stalin player realized this potential, they really balanced the game. As so many of the games were tight, the distribution could have dramatically changed with just a change of a point or two.

With so many preliminary winners, ONLY winners advanced to the semifinals. Unfortunately only 6 of the 10 winners were able to make the Semifinals… which resulted in 2 Semis, where the winners would advance and the 2nd place player of the game with the best Game End situation advancing to Finals.

In Semifinal 1, Joel dominated the game as Roosevelt… BUT dominated too much, which resulted in a Broken Alliance and a victory for the 2nd Place William Kendrick as Stalin. Tripp Killian was Churchill.

In Semifinal 2, Alex led an Alliance Victory in a tight game as Roosevelt over Paul Gaberson as Stalin and Steven Caler as Churchill (50-46-40). As the second place player in the Alliance Victory, Paul advanced.

In Finals, resulted in another tight game – all players within 5 points, where Alex continued to show mastery of the US/Roosevelt – and led an Alliance Victory with an amazing 10% chance breakthrough US/UK into Germany on the last turn; combined with the solid strategy of always apply US Production to the atomic bomb research to never chance a die roll.

In 2020, we will look at potential balancing changes – perhaps removing USSR Direct Offensive as an issue – and maybe tweak conference winner VPs. But the realization by the U.S. that you can’t instinctively co-promote UK interests will (and did in this tourney) reduce the apparent Churchill advantage.

2019 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 3
Paul Gaberson William Kendrick Joel Tamburo Steve Caler Tripp Killin
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Steve Caler on his way to earning laurels. Paul Gaberson working his way to the finals.
Joel Tamburo earning laurels again. William Kendrick on journey to the finals
Two runner-ups with GM Kirk Harris. An excited participant.
GM Kirk Harris [2nd Year] NA
 harrisk03106@yahoo.com NA