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Concordia (CNC) WBC 2019 Event Report
Updated October 19, 2019.
98 Players Dominic Blais 2019 Status 2020 Status Event History
2019 Champion & Laurels

Veni, Vidi, Vendidi!


The time slots were successfully returned back to only two hours so most of the tournament was held in the main convention space. The heats ran smoothly; however, there was an incident in the semifinal which led to a disappointing final (see below).


Like last year the first heat was held in Wintergreen which we almost filled up with a record 19 tables (attended by 75 players, so only one 3 player game). This was quite a jump up from last year's 14 tables with 56 players. We used both library copies as well as having a few players running back to their rooms, or cars, to gather all the needed copies of the game. Table ordering was disorganized due to an Alhambra heat finishing up just before us which was still scattered about the room. We will need to make up some more randomizers for next year, maybe aim for 40 tables?

I was asked quite a few times about using Concordia Venus. I have not had a chance to play this version yet so I currently cannot say if it would produce comparable scoring with the original version of the game. I did confirm with Ken that we would not have to go through the voting process to use it. Please read the tournament description next year to find out if we will be using it.

Heat 2 dropped to only 44 players which was perfect for 11 tables. The drop off may have been due to the heat being held in Foggy Goggle Front rather than the main convention building. Only a little scrambling was necessary to get all the needed copies. Foggy Goggle Front was kind of nice from the standpoint that we had no issues with organizing the tables since there was only the Sekigahara final also taking place there at that time.

Heat 3, like last year, only had 35 players appear. One 3 player game had to happen this time as well. Enough game copies were in evidence this time as well. We were in kind of a weird middle section of Seasons but did have all the tables organized next to each other.

Many thanks for everyone who brought a copy of the game!

Many thanks to my GM assistants: Rich Atwater and Brandon Bernard. Also unofficial GM assisants: Alyssa Bernard and Mona Reece.


There were 33 unique winners this year, 6 of which won 2 games. Again, no one pulled off a trifecta this year. As in prior years I was asked many times if one win would be good enough to qualify for the semifinal round. (This line is a direct copy/paste from last year and the year before). This year 2 of the top 16 did not show up so 2 of the alternates that had both won 1 game and gotten a 2nd in another game filled out the semifinal field. This leaves another 15 winners that could have potentially qualified. I will be updating the tournament description next year to allow for the possibility of a larger semifinal just in case.

The incident during the semifinal was an individual shouting at another player about people continually not listening to "logical analysis and advice". This individual did win this particular semifinal game and thus went on to the final.


The final was marred by the aforementioned individual throwing the game to the eventual winner by "doing everything in his power to prevent Curt from winning". It was quite tense; the attempts at humor from the other players did little to lighten the mood. Kudos to Curt for staying calm in the face of this trying situation.


Mercator Maximus is for the player who achieved the highest score in a four or more person game. Mercator Optimus is for the player who had the best first over second score ratio in a four or more person game. The Pyrrhic Victor is awarded to the player with the lowest scoring win (in a game played to completion).

For 2019 these are:

  • Ted Zellers - Mercator Maximus - Heat 1 - Score 154
  • Rich Atwater - Mercator Optimus - Heat 1 - Ratio 1.38 barely beating Robert Kircher's 1.37 ratio in heat 2
  • Marvin Birnbaum - Pyrrhic Victor - Heat 2 - Score 85 (congratulations this is a new low)


This was the year where we jokingly found out that the Prefect card can be used as an attack action.

"I see a lot of green on that board."

"She's pursuing an effective strategy."

"I see you like tools. Let me Prefect here so you get some more."

"You can turn wheat into brick you just need some mud."

"With enough money you can turn anything into anything."

"Is getting 40 sestersii good for the Mercater action?"

"I don't know, I haven't done the math."

"Recalculating... Recalculating..."

"You hear that a lot when Robb is driving."

"I'm on board with this plan... Wait, no, better plan."

"Don't just call him a guy."

"He's worth 2 points on half of your cards.",/p>

"Don't objectify him that way. His name is George and he has dreams."

"His dreams are to be 2 points on about half of your cards."

If you ever have the opportunity to play a game with Robb Effinger, do it. Whatever table he is at always seems to be having the most fun in the room.

2019 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Curt Collins Jonathan Towne Gary Roberts Andrew Emerick Jack Jaeger
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
GM Craig Reece ready to answer questions. First-timer Chris Meyer enjoying a game of Concordia.
This game looks intense. Finalists with GM Craig Reece.
GM  Craig Reece [5th Year]  NA