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Castles of Burgundy (COB) WBC 2019 Event Report
Updated October 19, 2019.
76 Players Allan Jiang 2019 Status 2020 Status Event History
2019 Champion & Laurels

Caesar Jiang captures Castles of Burgundy Title!

As in past years I provide an analysis of the scoring on each of the different boards. Some interesting anomalies: Board 7 had a game where two players scored less than 100 points which explains more than 20 point drop from average. (I suspect one or both players may have forgotten to include the 100 point chip when recording their scores—but I have to use the results as recorded on the score card. Even then it would not have changed the results of that game.) Several other boards had a wide variance this year: 13h, 13e, 8, 13c all varied by 10 or more points from their average.

Board Scoring
Board # 2019 Overall
2 215.75 224.15
3 219.75 218.03
4 215.25 210.62
5 221.75 224.90
6 226.50 214.59
7 195.25 216.20
8 231.88 246.11
9 203.75 210.11
12 230.13 239.29
13a 236.50 240.07
13b 217.38 220.73
13c 224.50 236.79
13d 210.13 219.02
13e 214.83 229.90
13f 218.50 215.88
13g 240.00 233.11
13h 216.63 228.40
14 215.25 221.03

There were several high scoring games in this tournament this year: Allan Jiang had the highest score I have ever seen in this event with 294 Victory Points on board 8 in heat 1. In heat 2, Mark Parauda had 288 on 13a and Galen Loram scored 285 on 13b (which might be the most impressive performance given 13b is a relatively low scoring board.) All three of these scores easily beat the previous record of 278.

Heat 1 was played on Sunday with 52 players on 13 boards. The following players won their heat games: Sonny Dineen, Allan Jiang, Maria Loram, Nicole Bosca, Blair Morgan, Nick Vayn, Karl Henning, Ray Wolff, Michael Swinson, Galen Loram, Roger Jarrett, Charles Krueger, and Sonia Taktak.

Heat 2 got off to a rocky start when two earlier events that were still playing and this event and a much larger one had hardly any room. Fortunately, earlier games finished just on time and we were able sort things out with minimal delay. There were 32 players on 8 boards for this Wednesday heat. The winners were: Galen Loram, Sam Shambeda, Mark Parauda, Anastasia Tircuit, Allan Jiang, Connie Vogelmann, Jason Wagner and Nick Vayn.

Heat 3 another 8 games were played, with 29 players. This meant several 3 player tables which causes an unusual rule to be used: In Rounds B and D, a Mine is placed in set up area 6 instead of the usual Castle. A few players were not aware of that rule we got them straightened out. The last chance victors were: Nicole Bosca, DJ Borton, Doug Faust, Ron Hodge, Jim McFarlane, Blair Morgan, Cliff Ackman and Anni Foasberg.

Now to the Semifinals! All 4 of these games were played on 2013 Championship Board. Maria Loram won on Board 1 by 12 VP over two time finalist Anastasia Tircuit. Ray Wolff squeaked out a 1VP win over defending champ, Nick Vayn, who was only 1VP clear of Connie Vogelmann. Close Game on Board 2! Allan Jiang cruised to victory by 40 points over DJ Borton on Board 3. On the last board, Anni Fosberg also won by 12VP over Roger Jarrett.

In the final on 2016 Championship Board, Ray and Maria started near the mines at the top left, while Allan and Anni started near the ships on bottom left. Ray was able to grab both available mine tiles on the first turn and Maria bought one from the middle and built over the west Allan built to the north laying two getting two goods each time and ensuring first move the second round. (Wow in the early game!) Anni built towards the northeast.

The key phase of the game was in Round 2 when Allan grabbed the two mines and though tight in hand space and needing several tiles to get to the area where he could build the mines, he managed to get the dice he needed without wasting turns taking workers. He also managed to get starting player in round 3.

Allan then got the 3VP/color good tile to start round three—big bonus since was already doing well in shipping. And managed to get the mine and castle 7VP scrolls and two other scoring yellow tiles. Maria took second in mines, but kept rolling the same numbers as Allan who was going ahead of her in turn order. Anni went for a farm animal strategy and earned the ship 7VP scroll.

The last round players finished up whatever they could. The final score Allan 254, Ray 227, Anni 203, and Maria 181. Congratulations to Allan for his well-earned victory!

I’d like the thank Allan Jiang for commentary of the final table—The report is much better due to his efforts and all of the players of the tournament. I hoped everyone enjoyed it!

2018 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Ray Wolff Anni Foasberg Maria Loram Nick Vayn Connie Vogelmann
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Early round action in Castles of Burgundy. Can he overcome the odds?
Men seem to be outnumbered in this event. Finalists with GM Rich Irving
GM  Richard Irving [3rd Year]  1505 Caceras Circle, Salinas, CA 93906