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Conquest of Paradise (CQP) WBC 2019 Event Report
Updated October 19, 2019.
29 Players Dave Dental 2019 Status 2020 Status Event History
2019 Champion & Laurels

Construction Of War Canoes Too Late To Stop Dental!

The twelfth annual WBC Conquest of Paradise tournament again saw CQP in the Century list, with the traditional inflatable palm tree marking its location in the ski lodge. (Although this year’s palm tree was a new purchase; the old one finally sprang one hole too many.) Just like last year, we used every Advanced Rule that we could, in addition to the usual Tournament Rule, increasing the cost of Arts & Culture cards. The “South Island” Advanced Rule is always a big hit, with the revelation of that double island a highlight of most games.

All three first round sessions were well attended, with a wide range of results. Games were won by as many as eight points, with one game won by one-half of one point. Some games finished quickly, but one first-round game needed to be adjudicated when time ran out. In one memorable game, the discovery of New Zealand and its South Island was announced with a flourish. But another player was in a better position to grab it first and- much to the consternation of the first player- did so!

The semifinals were set, featuring some new players (including first-timer Zach Dunn) and some former champions (including the last two champions, Paul Brenner and Kurt Hoffman). But only one of the LaDue sisters made it through to the semifinals this year. Brian Goodwin won a close game playing Samoa, while his friend Dave Dental won more convincingly playing Hiva.

After choosing their starting positions in seeded order, the Final table was set. Top seed Dave Dental chose Tonga; then Brian Goodwin chose Samoa; William Kelly picked Hiva; and last year’s champ Kurt Hoffman was left with Raiatea. All are experienced players, so the game proceeded quickly.

The game began with rather lopsided exploration, with Raiatea and Hiva combining to fill nearly all of the south-east Pacific Ocean with open ocean chits. At one point, the Hivan explorer was blown off course half way to South America and then found an island way out there! Tonga revealed the first two big islands- discovering the mythical island of Hawaiki right next to his home islands, and then Tahiti next to that. The others revealed smaller discoveries, with Hiva staying in the game when volcanic ash suddenly made one of his atolls inhabitable. An insurrection struck Tonga, who was by now the clear leader.

The game continued with all players developing their empires, while keeping an eye on Tonga, who had found the richest islands. Things went from bad to worse for three of the players. Everyone was revealing new islands as they were colonized, but Tonga continued its string of good luck: first revealing Hawaii, and then New Zealand! Tonga had found all four of the largest island groups in the game.

The other three players began a crash course in war canoe construction, but it was too late. Tonga revealed enough arts & culture cards to declare his victory. Dave Dental had won the WBC Conquest of Paradise tournament, while his friend and fellow Virginian Brian Goodwin came in second. In a complete reversal from last year’s result, Dave rode a wave of excellent luck to victory, somehow fending off his competitors from his lucrative finds to secure the win.

2019 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Brian Goodwin Kurt Hoffman William Kelley Zachary Dunn Steve Cameron
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Getting ready to conquer Paradise. GM looking on as game progresses.
Don't mess with this Idol.
GM Kevin McPartland [12th Year]  NA
  k4mcp@verizon.net NA