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Euphrat & Tigris (E&T) WBC 2019 Event Report
Updated November 7, 2019.
36 Players Sam Wolff 2019 Status 2020 Status Event History
2019 Champion & Laurels

Sam Wolff Takes the Crown

Renier Kniza's tile placing masterpiece, Euphrat & Tigris returned again as a Legacy event, drawing 37 players over two heats. The event again used a rules variant to balance the advantage of the first two players. Instead of their normal two actions, the first two players received one action for the first turn only. The distribution of wins for 4-player games was favored the early players, with the 1st player winning 7 times. On the other side, the fourth player finished last 7 times.

Turn Order Finishes
Dynasty/FinishWinsSecondsThirdsFourthsAverage Finish
Archer 1st (1 Action)74401.8
Bull 2nd (1 Action)45/td>242.4
Lion 3rd33542.67
Potter 4th173473.13

The first two heats filled 6 four-player boards plus a three-player game. The semi-finals consisted of 10 winners joined by 2 runners up, for 3 four-player games.

In the first semifinal, double-winner Sam Wolff (11-11-14-19) dominated Dough Smith (6-6-8-8) and Craig Moffitt by winning multiple external conflicts as the defender. In the second semifinal, his older brother Jack Wolff (7-8-8-11) defeated past-winners Eric Freeman (6-6-7-12) and Jeff Cornett. Continuing the family affair, Jeff’s daughter Ann Bruck narrowly won the third semi-final (4-5-5-6) over Anthony Bosca (4-4-6-7). Anthony’s runner-up finish was the closest and he also advance to the finals.

Seating for the final had Sam 1st (Archer), Jack 2nd (Bull), Ann 3rd (Lion), and Anthony 4th (Potter). In their single-action first turns, Sam placed his King in the eastern delta and Jack in the southwest. Ann mixed it up by joining Jack with her Trader, and Anthony also added leaders to existing kingdoms with his Priest and Trader. Ann wasn’t content with just one leader and in the next round attacked Jack’s King with an internal conflict, winning with 4 extra red tiles.

After losing the conflict, Jack setup again in the north, and everyone expanded peacefully through Round 4. By Round 5, Ann again had a surplus of red tiles and dislodged Anthony’s Farmer in an internal conflict, gifting him a treasure as a consolation. Ann herself had claimed two treasures and seemed to have an early lead.

Round 7 saw a monument building boom. Sam built the Red/Green monument in the northwest and Ann built the Red/Blue in the Delta. Next to play, Anthony immediately jumped in with his Priest with an internal conflict to share a piece. With two leaders clinging to a single Temple, Sam dropped them both off the board with a single Catastrophe.

Jack caused the game’s first merger and ejected Sam’s King for a black point. Meanwhile, Ann built the Black/Green monument in the south. In the northwest, Sam jumped into the opening created by his vacated Blue leader to attack Anthony’s King. However, he could only add 1 red tile and Anthony played the two he needed to defend. The discard pile was now a river of red, consisting of 13 Temples.

Later in Round 9, Jack used a Catastrophe to reduce Anthony’s Trader’s support in the eastern kingdom and attack with a 2 tile advantage. However, Anthony had enough to defend when Anthony had the goods and the attack backfired. Jack’s displaced trader left a void with 3 adjacent temples, which would prove decisive later.

Sam started Round 10 controlling monuments in every color but black. He played 2 settlements to score a rainbow, but his black was still low. Next, Jack brought his Trader back into play by dropping 5 temples against Ann to dislodge her from the southern Green monument. With his second action, he built the Black/Blue monument despite the kingdom being only 1 space away from its neighbors to the east and west! Anthony was next to play, and he joined from the west to win Blue (3 pts.) and Black (2 pts.) conflicts. In the same conflict, Sam was forced to attack Jack and he was unable to add temples, allowing Jack to defend with a single temple.

Desperate for black and out of temples, Sam attacked Anthony’s King in the 3-support hole created in Round 9. He lost when Anthony played the 2 tiles to tie. For his second action, Sam repeated the attack and won, gaining the black monument and the most settlement support for his King. Jack took advantage of Sam’s lack of reds by winning an internal against Sam in the east. Ann gifted a treasure to Jack to bring the game one treasure away from completion.

Jack made the next merger in Round 12. He first played a catastrophe to reduce Anthony’s support by 2. This paid off as Jack won both Red (3pts) and Blue (4 pts.). With one Farm in his hand, Anthony would have had enough support if Jack had attacked directly. Next, Ann tried a long-shot attack against Jack for control of a monument, but Jack defended. Then, she merged to the west to boot Sam’s Trader and pick up a green point. At this point, Anthony could have claimed his 3rd treasure and ended the game. Perhaps uncertain of his standing, he opted to play on. However, he would not get another turn.

Still needing black, Sam triggered the decisive merger after destroying one of Ann’s supporting settlements. He comfortably won Blue (3 pts.) against Jack, and won Black (6 pts.) by 2 against Ann. Those blacks improved his lowest from 5 to 9, vaulting him from last to first with a score of 9-9-10-12 (7 green + 2 treasures)! After the dust cleared, there was only 1 tile in the bag and Jack added a few last green points and a treasure on the last turn to move into second at 8-8-10-11 (7 black, 7 green). Anthony was 3rd with 8-8-9-10 (7 black). Ann was 4th with 7-8-8-8 (6 red).,/p>

Next year, the 1/1/2/2 action rules variant and hypothetical treasure margin-of-victory tiebreaker will be kept. The GM would like to thank everyone for his or her participation and is looking forward to another great event next year.

2019 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Jack Wolff Anthony Bosca Ann Bruck Eric Freeman Doug Smith
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Sam has everyone worried. Eric working his way to laurels.
Finalists with GM Craig Moffit.
GM  Craig Moffitt [15th Year]  NA
 craig.a.moffitt@gmail.com  NA