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Enemy In Sight (EIS) WBC 2019 Report
Updated November 4, 2019
30 Players David Brooks 2019 Status 2020 Status Event History
2019 Champion & Laurels

Enemy In Sight Makes another WBC Appearance!

Round 1

It starts off with a RUN AGROUND, but the Captain (Randy) passed. Bill sank the Bonhomme Richard (Scott) The Royal Sovereign (Randy) dismasted the Revenge (David) and boards it successfully, despite the 3-point defense, and takes it as a prize. Randy plays a BREAK THE LINE (Spanish) on Bill. The San Leandro (Bill) attempts to board the Essex (David) and succeeds and takes it as a prize. The Heros (James) boards the Insurgente (David) and keeps it as a prize. The Agronuata (David) successfully boards the Baionnaise (James). The ORENT and FRANKLIN (Randy) BREAK THE LINE (USA) of Bill. Scott sinks the San Justo (Bill). The Captain (Randy) evades a STRIKE. The MARS (Scott) succumbs to an ADMIRALTY’S ORDERS and is sent to port. The Thunderer (Bill) catches fire. David plays a BREAK THE LINE (Brit) on Scott. The prize Baionnaise (David) returns to port for 16 points. David collects a second prize when the Royal Sovereign (Randy) boards the (David). James adds an additional ship to his line. David survives the second RUN AGROUND. The burning Thunderer tows the Essex to port and scores 18 points for Bill. James gets the Insurgente to port for 18 points. Bill brings the Thunderer and Essex to his line from port. Bill brings his line to seven by playing an ADDITIONAL SHIP. The Temeraire (David) is send to port by the second ADMIRALTY’S ORDERS. The Captain successfully boards the Yarmouth giving Randy three Prizes. Bill’s 7-ship line blockades Randy’s line. Heros (David) succeeds in boarding Essex (Bill). Scott BREAKS Randy’s line (French). David’s additional ship brings him back to 6 in his line. David sinks the Indefatigable (Randy). The WEATHER GUAGE removes the Break The Lines and Blockade. The Argonauta (David) catches fire. Bonhomme Richard (Randy) boards and takes the Macedonian (Scott) giving Randy, an unheard of, FOUR prizes, desperately wanting to be able to get them to port. Despite being aflame, the Argonauta (David) boards a captures the prize Revenge (Randy). Achille (Scott) boards and takes the prize Yarmouth (Randy) leaving two. Bill sinks the prize Venguer Du Peuple (Randy) bringing down to one prize. Randy’s FIRE SHIP hits Randy’s port sinking the Insurgente but not the Temeraire.

Round 2

Round starts with WEATHER GUAGE. Then ADMIRALTY’S ORDERS sends the Revenge (James) to port. Scott puts BREAK THE LINE (French) on David. Randy plays a BREAK THE LINE (Spanish) on Bill. Randolph (Scott) tries to board Santa Anna (David) but losses, giving David a prize. WEATHER GUAGE clears the BREAK THE LINES. Bill puts a BREAK THE LINE (American) on David. A STRIKE hits David Chesapeake and Guerrier. Randy boards the struck Chesapeake (David). Bill sinks the prize Randolph (David) Randy sends a FIRE SHIP to James’ port that fails. Scott boards the struck Guerrier (David). James return his ships in port to bring his line to 7 ships. Scott plays REFUSE BATTLE to get Guerrier to port for 18 points. Bill plays ADDITIONAL SHIP to add the Agamemnon to his line. Randy sinks the burning Temeraire. Bill adds ADDITIONAL SHIP Victory to his line. The San Juan (Bill) boards the Elephant (Scott). Scott sinks the burning Bienfaison David dismasts Bill’s last Line Breaker. Randy breaks Bill’s line. The Guillaume Tell (Scott) RUNs AGROUND. Then the Bucentaure (Scott) RUNs AGROUND.

Round 3

With the game being close, no one wants ‘setup’ someone else, and makes for a tame round. Bill takes an additional ship. The Java (Randy) boards the Macedonian (Bill). Scott gets an additional ship. Randy brings Macedonian to port for 18. James boards Bonhomme Richard (David). Bill’s FIRESHIP fails attacking Randy’s port. James gets 18 for bringing the Bonhomme Richard to port. ADMIRALTY’S ORDERS sends Bellerophon home. David breaks James’ line. Bill boards the Indefatigable (James). WEATHER GUAGE clears the line breaks. Scott FIRESHIPs Bill. Scott BLOCKADES David. Randy had to withdraw from game. David boards the Shannon (James). The second WEATHER GAUAGE clears the Breaks and Blockade. Bill’s Guilluame Tell tries to board the Baionnaise and fails. The Britannia (Scott) RUNS AGROUND.

2019 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: NA
James Bell Scott Beall Bill Peeck Michael Mitchell Alan Arvold
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Bill Peeck taking on the GM on his way to laurels. Jim Bell watching the master James Kramer.
Finalists with GM Matt Evinger.
GM  Matt Evinger [6th Year]  NA
 mattevinger@yahoo.com  NA