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Formula De (FDE) WBC 2019 Event Report
Updated November 7, 2019.
45 Players Keith Boone 2019 Status 2020 Status Event History
  2019 Champion & Laurels Click box for details.

Boone Dethrones Githens!

The banshee screams of turbocharged V6 Formula One engines pierce the air of the Seven Springs ski resort in the warm summer afternoon. Their 15k RPM redline is barraged by the incessant demands of their highly skilled drivers. Split second reactions and precision car management are among the traits needed to be successful on the greatest global motorsports stage. Fame, admiration, pride, and self-fulfillment are just a few of the reasons we race, and perhaps the most desired is the Laurels garnered by being crowned the Champion of Formula De!

Combine the split-second timing, precision shifting, and neck breaking g-forces of real word F1 racing translated into dice rolling, laughing, and comradery and you have a clear vision of the enjoyment of playing Formula De at WBC. Each of the three preliminary heats is open seating, the total players are counted and divided as evenly as possible. I invite players to select their own tables due to the ease of seating and the fact that the game is a “C” level event, so it is taught at the table, and open seating allows friends to play together and provide an easy entry to the game. Another reason is there are so many tracks available open seating provides the opportunity to jump into a race on a track that you maybe haven’t played previously or wanted to return to in order to improve your abilities.

The three heats gave us 9 unique winners, with races contested across the gambit of available tracks. From Shanghai to Monaco and even the exceedingly rare Bahrain track were utilized among interesting other courses. Each winner would gain a place in the final race, the specially prepared Nürburgring Nordschleife. For those unfamiliar with the Nordschleife, it is a pitching wedge distance short of 13 miles, measuring in at 12.944 miles / 20.832 km. For our purposes the track was approximately 6 feet by 4 feet using the standard Formula De car scale.

For more information about this incredible course visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nurburgring.

The field included the 2017 & 2018 champions, as well as great skilled players many with previous experience in the final as well as truly quality game play to make it to the final in 2019.

Your finalist in qualifying order:

  • Joshua Githens
  • Rob Schneeberger
  • Keith Boone
  • Rich Shipley
  • Glen Pierce
  • Haakon Monsen
  • Bill Dyer
  • William Herbst
  • Doug Gallulo

The final was run as a single lap and because the track is approximately the same length as running a regular track for three laps a custom car construction setup was utilized. Traditionally for a three lap final you are allotted build points, for this race every player was using those build points, and due to the fact there are no pits they added the two repair points to their car, and then additional tire sponsorship was provided in the form of +3 tire wear points. There were many interesting builds, but many people favored engines and body work, foreseeing congested corners for damage, and long straights that open the window for engines to reach their breaking points.

The leaders were off to a quick start, trying to set the pace so those cars behind would be forced to press their cars to keep up. This strategy took its toll early on the mid and rear groups of cars, as the fought for position in the corners and strained their limits to keep on pace we saw 7 damage points laid on the track within the first four corners of the race. There were several risk decisions made in the early rounds, drivers needing to redline and cause engine damage to force their car into the corner so they did not fall a turn behind and with players driving over road debris so they could stay on the optimal lines and keep pace. The race then seemed to settle in, and the drivers were driving with purpose.

In the second third of the race there are some long stretches that provided lots of 5th and 6th gear rolls, this is where the engine is most at risk. When the maximum speed is rolled in those gears all players need to make a check to see if they fell victim to suboptimal engine building. It is a 20% chance to take damage, not a prospect anyone was happy to see when the top speeds were rolled. Several cars were reduced to a single engine point in this sector of the race, creating a need either drive with caution or to drive with reckless abandon. I for one will defer to reckless abandon, better to burn out than to rust out.

Fast forward to the final few turns. Joshua had the lead, but Keith B. was closing in, making several good rolls and key corners to move within overtaking distance of the leader. It came down to the final straight that has a small 1 stop chicane. Keith needed to roll more than 24 (overtake) and less than 29 (instant crash) on the 6th gear die (d30 evenly distributed numbers from 21-30). Keith had plenty of tires remaining at this point of the race to easily overshoot the final chicane, save the 29 or 30. His team had constructed exactly the correct car for the grueling Nordschleife, and he made the roll to overtake the leader without crashing. The next turn Keith crossed the finish line and cemented his legacy in the WBC Formula De annals of history.

Other newsworthy race events:

  • Bill Dyer, began with a stall from 7th place and was able to run a steady race, despite some tough turns in the first 1/3 of the race and grab 5th place and laurels.
  • Doug Gallulo started in last place and drove a good race to climb all the way up to a 4th place finish.
  • Overall the final was a great experience with great players, good friends, and lots of fun had by everyone.

Preparations for 2020 are already underway.

2019 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Josh Githens Rob Schneeberger Doug Galullo Bill Dyer Glen Pearce
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

No time to sit in theis race.

How should I attempt this turn?

Planning the next move.

The finals part one.

A closer look at the turn in the finals.

Finalists including GM Josh Githens.

GM  Josh Githens [1st Year]  NA