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Formula Motor Racing (FMR) WBC 2019 Event Report
Updated November 7, 2019
119 Players Kathy Stroh 2019 Status 2020 Status Event History
2019 Champion & Laurels

Record Year for Formula Motor Racing!

It was a record year at the Formula Motor Race (FMR) event at 2019 WBC. It started in the first heat on Tuesday where 86 players signed in. I had made up a chart, which provided me the number of games I needed depending on the number of people who signed up for the heat. I had it set up for 6 to 72 signups, meaning I would need just one game or up to 12 games. The most signups I have had since I have been GM is 62. So, I thought the buffer of ten extras would be good. This just floored me in having easily beating that number in the first heat. I will be more prepared next year by moving the max number to up to 120. Hopefully I will report that we even beat that.

We had a total of 15 games in the first heat, with 11 being 6 player games and 4 being 5 player games with the following stats: Max score for win: 39, Min score for win: 28, average score for win: 33.

Some very interesting comments placed on the score sheets. Scott Saccenti changed his name to “Chaos” at the end of the six races because he had lost a total of five cars, with losing both his cars in the final two race.

At the table where Tina del Carpio was at, she was lucky enough to lose both her cars in the fifth race, starting the sixth race in the 11th and 12th position. On Ethan Shipley’s turn, he plays the Crash card and rows a 12, totaling knocking Tina out of the sixth race before she even gets to play a card.

At the table with Scott Nerney, Dacey Collinson, Brandon Bernard, Mark Love, Greg Ziemba and Alex Freeman, after five races, there was a four way tie for lead at 25 points, one player at 21 points. Meaning it was a very close race. Alex had the last play in this sixth race, but did not have one card with his color car on it. He did have the Charge or Out card, which he played. His lead car was in the sixth position, meaning he needed five consecutive rolls of 1-9 on 12 sided dice to get the win. And he was successful.

At the table with Lisa Gutermuth, Ben Collinson, Rebecca Roppolo, Sara Ward, Chris Kalmbaldur and Eric Meadan, in the second race, Eric made comment after Crash card was played that this play was great, unless a four is rolled. Can you guess what was rolled? A four, knocking one of his cars out of the race. In the third race, Lisa played the Crash card and knocks out both of Rebecca’s first and second place cars because “they’re not friends”. New name written down for Lisa was “Mean mean Lisa”. In defense for Lisa, Rebecca did have lead going into this third race at 14 points. One thing to remember in FMR, be very careful getting the lead in the early races. Lisa was successful with her last play in the sixth race, moving her car from 8th place into 1st with the Engine or Out play. By doing this, she was able to achieve the win.

Heat 2 had 54 players signed in, with 9 games played. Max score for win: 41, Min score: 28, average score: 35. 38 players signed in for the Thursday morning heat for a total of 7 games played. Max score for win: 39, Min score: 30, average score: 34.

In the third heat, one table ended in three way tie for first. Paul Brenner, David Wolfe and Chris Lefevre ended with 30 points after the six races. Paul was given the first place title by winning the last race. David got second and Chris was third. At one of the crash tables, Carol Caler must have recorded the score sheet as she had a very unhappy face drawing on it for finishing in sixth place.

Six players showed up for the demo. I was able to go through how FMR is played. We were then able to play two games, which gave all the players a full understanding of the game. In fact, Kevin Domieniccs was able to win at his table in the second heat after just learning the game less than an hour earlier.

Kurt Hoffman was lucky drawer of the ‘Queen of Spades’ in the third heat, winning a free copy of game provided by GMT.

We had exactly 24 heat winners show up for the semifinals. I have to apologize to David Wolfe as I initially thought only 23 heat winners had shown up, meaning the top second place, which was David, would give us an even 24 players for the semifinals. But, I had missed one heat winner when I was setting up the semifinal tables and had 25 players waiting to drawn cards for table placement. He was kind enough to understand my mistake. Thank you David.

With four tables in the semifinals, this meant that the four winners and the top two second places would advance to the finals. All tables kept quiet as to not let the other tables know the scores after players started to turn in the score sheets after the six races were finished. The four winners at the semi-final tables was Dacey Collison, Alyssa Bernard, Steve Collis, and Kathy Stroh. Lisa Gutermuth and Matthew Morgal were top second places with 31 and 30 points.

Race 1 of the finals started with Steve playing Spin to Last. A 10 was rolled, moving Kathy’s back car from 10th to last spot. Dacey played the Crash card for her first play, rolling a 4. Guess what car was in the fourth position? Her car. For the second play by Dacey, she plays Spin Out and takes out one of Steve’s cars. Dacey started game with great disaster hand.

In race 2, for Matthew’s third play, he plays the Crash card. He then rolls an 8, knocking his car out of the race. Would this be the finals where we do not see the Crash card played again as players would fear rolling their car every time? That was short lived as with the first play in race 3, Matthew plays the Crash card and does not roll his car, finally breaking the myth of rolling your own car. Alyssa and Steve had their cars crash. Kathy then followed Matthew’s turn by playing the Spin-Out card, knocking Matthew’s car out of race. Steve then played the Advance or Out card on Lisa’s car in the lead and rolls a 12, knocking her car out. I did not know we were playing the Crash table here in the Finals. Harry would have been proud.

In race 4, Dacey continue the crash play for her second card play, rolling a 11, taking out Alyssa’s car. Since Dacey had one of her cars in the 10th position, she had easy choose on taking out one of Lisa’s cars in 12th position. At the end of the fourth race, score was Lisa with 22, Dacey with 20, Matthew with 18, Steve with 16, and Kathy and Alyssa with 14 points. Still a very close race.

In race 5, Steve plays the Charge or Out on Lisa’s eighth place car and rolls a 12, knocking it out of race. Kathy plays the Crash card and knocks out one of Alyssa and Dacey cars. Alyssa then plays the Spin Out card and knocks one of Matthew’s cars out of race. Alyssa was able to win this race, going into the sixth and final race with three way tie for lead with Alyssa, Dacey and Lisa at 24 points, Matthew at 21 points, Kathy at 20 points, and Steve at 17 points. It was still anyone’s race to win.

For the final race, for his second card play, Steve played the Crash card. He rolls a 7, knocking one of Kathy’s cars out of race. He then took out one of Dacey’s cars in the 8th position, but mainly due to the fact that his car was the 6th position. Lisa played the Charge or Out card on Alyssa’s car in the 1st position and rolls a 11, knocking it out of race. Now all the players who were in the lead at 24 points had one car out of the race. The last play by everyone was key. Alyssa started by playing the Charge or Out card. There was a lot of talking by everyone on who she should play it on. Would it be her own car to get it into the lead, or on Dacey’s car, which was currently in the lead. Her final decision was to play it on Dacey’s car. But, she rolls a 6, which is no effect. For Dacey’s turn, she plays the Spin to Last card. She rolls a 11, which is no effect as there was no car in this position. She can reroll, but if she rolls a 1, would move her only car to the back of the field. She is brave and rolls again, which is a 6, taking Matthew’s car to last spot. For the very last play, Kathy had to just verify rules as she had the card to move her car into the lead. Only issue was the car right behind her was Alyssa’s car. She would place Alyssa’s car into second place. That meant they would both end with 30 points. It was restated that the rules state that if players are tied at the end of the six races, the position they finished in the last race determines winner, which meant that Kathy would get the win. Thank you Lisa for your clearly written point total on the score sheet for the finals and she also labelled the Table# as AWESOME.

I would like to thank Lisa Gutermuth, Chris Kizer, Katie McCorry, Chris Janiec with their work as assistants, demo of game to new players who showed up at heats, getting players signed in, and helping with the set up for the semifinals. And the continued support from GMT for this event. Everyone’s help makes this an enjoyable event for all. Looking forward to FMR at 2020 WBC.

2019 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Alyssa Bernard Dacey Collinson Lisa Gutermuth Matthew Morgal Steve Lollis
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
A rare occurance at FMR, a calm table!. With this crowd, there will be losts of crashes.
A table full of young drivers. These drivers look serious, watch out for road rage!
Finalists with GM Chris LeFevre.
GM  Chris LeFevre [13th Year]  NA