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Hitler's Reich (HIR) WBC 2019 Event Report
Updated November 11, 2019.
11 Players Peter Eldridge 2019 Status 2020 Status Event History
2019 Champion & Laurels

United Kingdom's Peter Eldridge Conquers First Reich Tournament!

Published in 2018, this was the first appearance of Hitler’s Reich as a WBC Event.

The number of attendees facilitated six games using the 1941 set-up. This first round used the 1942 Game End Scenario which requires an Axis Conflict Card superiority of six or more over their Allied opponent for a decisive victory. An Axis advantage of 3-5 cards would be a substantive victory: meaning the Axis did at least as well as historically and retained a chance of winning the war. Anything else would be an Allied win.

John Coussis, Evan Walter, John Lapham, Damian Mastrangelo, and Peter Eldridge all won their games as the Allies. John Sy was the sole winner who achieved victory as the Axis. The next round, however, saw nothing but Axis victories through the conquest of the Soviet Union.

Things boiled down to two finalist contenders, the victor would take home the WBC 2019 Hitler’s Reich Plaque through play of the 1943 Game End Scenario (similar victory conditions as 1942, except now the Allies need a six or more Conflict Card superiority for decisive victory). After randomly choosing sides: it would be Damian Mastrangelo (Allied) versus Peter Eldridge (Axis).

Peter’s attempts to seek early 1941 success met with repeated frustration as his attacks upon North Africa, the Balkans, and North Sea failed. So although an Allied-held Balkans remained in his rear, with the Axis Conflict Card deck running down, which in Hitler’s Reich signifies that 1941 is almost over and along with that the opportunity to invade Russia via Operation Barbarossa… with all of its Axis attack advantages, a gutsy and somewhat desperate Peter launched a late in the year invasion of Russia using Operation Barbarossa.

he northern assaults on the Baltics and Minsk failed, as did the attack upon Crimea. But there was one success in seizing Bessarabia and from that newly seized land area Peter’s Axis went on to capture the Soviet Production Center of Kharkov and then, through Blitzkrieg attacks, seize Ukraine and Stalingrad. Remarkably, Soviet attempts to recapture the two lost Production Centers were unsuccessful.

At this time, there was no broad Russian Front in this particular Hitler’s Reich game. Instead, there was a southern salient culminating at Axis-held Stalingrad and now a northern salient with newly won Moscow at its apex. In this game, a salient, just like in the historical “Bridge too Far” WWII battle for Arnhem, can be very vulnerable.

With the Allied Conflict card hand growing low, Damian launched a massive attack to retake Moscow. The Axis had five dice to roll with Von Rundstedt and Waffen SS, as well as Tiger Tanks. Damian’s Allies also had five dice due to having more land areas adjacent to Moscow than the Axis with T-34’s & Shermans as well as Zhukov, who like Tiger Tanks, would change one of his die rolls into a 5.

However, to his chagrin, Damian drew a low valued second Conflict card with Maximum Effort and his 5 dice roll lost to Peter’s with a difference of 1. The Axis retained Moscow and then went on to seize the Soviet Production Centers of Archangel and the Caucasus for a Sudden Death Victory through the Conquest of Russia (all six Russian Production Centers in Axis control).

It was a tense game with its share of luck and excitement. Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to Peter Eldridge for the win and to Damian Mastrangelo for making it to the Final Round of 2019’s WBC Hitler’s Reich Competition!

2019 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: NA
Damian Mastrangelo John Sy Evan Walter John Coussis John Lapham
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
A look at Hitler's Reich. Finalists with GM Fred Schachter.
GM  Fred Schachter [1st Year]  NA