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Ivanhoe (IVH) WBC 2019 Event Report
Updated November 13, 2019
110 Players Bryan Roeper 2019 Status 2020 Status Event History
2019 Champion & Laurels

First Time GM Runs Ivanhoe!

It was exciting to run Ivanhoe this year, and it was the first time that Dagny Lytle had the opportunity to run an event at WBC. She had been attending WBC for a few years, and Dagny was a frequent player of Ivanhoe. She knew that she wanted to be a part of the action and to run a game that she loved, and Dagny made sure to continue the tradition of awarding crowns to the winners of each game, too. It was fantastic to be able to talk to new and to veteran players at each demo and each heat. Everyone was so kind and helpful, and I even got great ideas to improve the event next year!

This year, 2019, for the Ivanhoe event there were three heats, a semifinal, and a final. There were 110 unique players during the course of the Ivanhoe event. There were also three demos to refresh the rules and to teach new players how to play Ivanhoe. The first and the third demo were an hour before their respective heats at 8pm, Sunday and Wednesday, so the first and the third heat were at 9pm, Sunday and Wednesday. The second demo was on Tuesday at noon, and the second heat was at 11pm on Tuesday. The semifinals was at 9pm on Friday, and the finals was on the same day at 11pm.

There were 50 players for the first heat with a total of ten games with five players each. The fastest game ended in about 20 minutes, but most games lasted around 60-90 minutes per game. The second heat had a total of 69 players, and there were 42 new players for this heat. There was a game that lasted about 3 hours. The final, third, heat had a total of 54 players, and there were 19 new players for this heat. The second heat had a total of 14 games; 13 games had five players and one game had four players, and the third heat had a total of 11 games; 10 games had five players and one game had four players. The third heat games were about 45-60 minutes each. Each player that played in any heat was able to earn points. The points corresponded with the chips in the game. Each chip has an individual value that was specified in the rules sheet of the game. At the end of each game, the players recorded their cumulative points from chips in the game, and all of the points from the three heats were recorded.

The 25 players with the most overall points qualified for the semifinals, and the alternates went in order with their points earned from the heats this year. For the semifinals, there were a total of 25 players for five games of five players each. We had three people from the top 25 not show up for the semifinals, so there were three alternates that stepped in to play the semifinals. The games lasted about 60-90 minutes. Each player that won a game in the semis then advanced to the final, where there was one table of five players. The sixth place finisher was to be determined by the most overall points from second place finishers in the semifinals. If there was a tie, then the tie would be broken by whichever player placed higher in the finals from the table that the tied finishers were at.

For the final table, we had Shannon Keating, who came in second place in 2016, Daniel Leader, his son Matt Leader won the event in 2015, Bryan Roeper, Alyssa Mills, and Ted Lange. Mark Love and Kevin Burns, the champion from 2017, were awaiting the results to see which of them would take sixth place. The game lasted about 50 minutes, then the results were in. In first place was Bryan Roeper followed by Daniel Leader, Alyssa Mills, Ted Lange, Shannon Keating, and Kevin Burns.

Thank you to all of the players who participated in the Ivanhoe event! It would not be possible without each of you, and it will be great to see the returning faces next year!

2019 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Daniel Leader Alyssa Mills Ted Lange Shannon Keating Kevin Burns
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Afrika Korps GM Jonathan Lockwood tries his hand at Ivanhoe. All smiles at this game of Ivanhoe.
A serious game of Ivanhoe. What are these cards for?
Finalists with GM Dagny Lytle.
GM  Dagny Lytle [1st Year]  NA