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King of Tokyo (KOT) WBC 2019 Event Report
Updated November 13, 2019.
103 Players Joseph Birnbaum 2019 Status 2020 Status Event History
2019 Champion & Laurels

103 Monsters Take To The Streets Of Tokyo

Once again over 100 of the most terrifying monsters ever imagined descended on Tokyo late Tuesday night to fight it out to see who would reign as the True King of Tokyo. This time was even more special as the good people at Iello sent over their giant-sized edition of the game for all to see and take pictures of. Special thanks as well to Legend Dan Hoffman for managing the logistics of getting it to the event and setting it up. The finalists would have the option of playing the final game with the giant set if they all wished to.

19 opening heat games led to four semi-final games (Public Service Announcement… We were hampered in the opening round by a shortage of copies of the game, so please remember that if you’re interested in playing in an event and have a copy of the game, please bring it with you). When the dust settled, Tyler Trahan, David Anderson, Laurie Voisin and Joseph Birnbaum made their way to the giant King of Tokyo setup for the final battle. However, I think the late hour made the players decide to forgo the giant set and just sit down with the GM’s copy to play it out the old fashioned way.

Joseph had the honor of the first play and scored a fast 4 infamy with good dice and the first entry into Tokyo. Tyler matched that and got a punch in on Joseph as well. Joseph ceded control of Tokyo and Dan stepped up to then score 2 infamy and take a shot at Tyler (who chose to remain in Tokyo). Laurie was the only player to go a different way and took 3 energy cubes.

Joseph made a strong attack at Tyler and hit him 3 times to start round 2. Tyler quickly ran away, but went right back in during his turn as he hit Joseph twice. Dan and Laurie spent their turns healing damage (and Laurie added 3 infamy to her score).

Round 3 saw everyone score at least 1 point and lots of punches being thrown around. After round 3, Laurie was in the lead with 7 infamy, Joseph and Tyler had 6 and Dan 3. Tyler was the only player low on health (3) heading into round 4.

Laurie did her best to hold onto Tokyo during round 4 as both Joseph and Tyler hit her, but she refused to give ground. David’s 2 punches ultimately made her run away (which was a good thing a she rolled 4 hearts during her turn to recover health). All players spent the next 2 turns scoring infamy and trading 1-2 punches.

Joseph, however, also started to gather energy cubes. During round 6 he rolled himself 3 infamy and 2 more energy cubes. The others each added to their score as well. However, little did they realize that Joseph was in a potentially winning position sitting on 13 infamy going into round 7.

Joseph had built up enough energy cubes to buy the available Jet Fighters card (which scores the buyer an immediate 5 Infamy) so only needed to roll himself 2 infamy to win. Which is just what he did. Three 2’s on the dice and enough energy cubes to buy Jet Fighters sealed the victory for Joseph, our 2019 King of Tokyo. Laurie and David both finished with 10 infamy (Laurie claiming 2nd place as she was at 10 health to David’s 6). Tyler finished 4th with 9 infamy.

Thanks to all for spending their Tuesday evening (and early Wednesday morning) battling it out. Plan on more senseless death and destruction in 2020 across the Tokyo skyline.

2019 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Laurie Voisin David Anderson Tyler Trahan Chris Troope Jim Bodenheimer
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Kevin Emery looks on as battle for Tokyo ensues. King of Tokyo is a magnet for the younger crowd.
The women look on as the dice are rolled. A table full of Sharks (Monsters)!
Is this the right game for this crew?. GM John Coussis with giant floor copy of King of Tokyo.
GM  John Coussis [3rd Year]  NA