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Kremlin (KRM) WBC 2019 Event Report
Updated November 13, 2019.
44 Players Michael Pritchett 2019 Status 2020 Status Event History
2019 Champion & Laurels

First-Timer Michael Pritchett Leads Politburo!

A few old-timers (and yes, Lee Rodrigues is officially an old-timer now) were not able to play Kremlin this year, but the player numbers remained the same as last year thanks to some new blood. As happens with Kremlin, one of these first-timers took home the shield plaque.

The GM again reminded players about the 3-player final of 2017 and that all players would be eligible for the Final, and as further incentive provided bottles of Leninade as door prizes to heat winners and finalists. The competition for the soda was fierce - only one player (John Keating) was able to win two heats, and all other finalists got in by winning their first heat.

The first turn started slowly, with no one claiming Nestor, a failed purge, and the opening of a few investigations. The health phase put the Party Chief into the Kremlin Wall, and an Intrigue play sent Foreign Minister Goferbrok back to the people, leaving the unclaimed Ideology chief to choose Defense Minister Krakemheds (the oldest eligible nominee) to be Party Chief. John took control, choosing Purgemoff as the new Foreign Minister and placing his beloved Ludmilla in Defense, and despite being sick Krakemheds made it through the October Parade, giving John his first wave.

Kevin started the Purge phase of turn 2 by having Eatstumuch decline the First Purge against the Economy Minister, whereupon Ludmilla (John) closed the investigation on herself and started one on Eatstumuch. The health phase was mostly uneventful, aside from Krakemheds getting sicker. John then demoted Eatstumuch, replacing him with Talksalott, and made his second (and last) wave; as it turned out, this was sufficient to ensure second place in the tournament.

John chose not to do a Purge or Spy Investigation phase in turn 3, leaving his fate to the health die. Not surprisingly, Krakemheds died, and after a Funeral Commission made rather suspicious by very few "no" votes, Talksalott was elected as the next party chief. Kevin appeared to take control of Talksalott with 8 influence over John's 6, but once he attempted to rearrange the Politburo Michael revealed his 9 influence and promoted Palavrian to be KGB head. Talksalott gave Michael the first of many failed wave attempts; despite this, Michael used the Add Influence phase to take his influence over Talksalott to 10+.

In turn 4, Michael purged Ludmilla with the help of a First Purge card, but the second purge failed. There were no deaths during the Health phase. In Replacement, Chris played a Blackmail card to force Michael to put Manjak in as KGB head (Palavrian moved laterally to Defense). Michael failed to wave for the second time.

In the next turn, despite the play of a protective card, a First Purge on Eatstumuch succeeded; Chris also purged two Candidates before a failure ended the phase. The Health die took out both Talksalott and Purgemoff, resulting in the nomination and election of Manjak. Chris took the opportunity to move Zenjarplan to KGB head and Schukratoff to Foreign Minister, leaving Palavrian in Defense. Another rehab phase passed with no one brought back from Siberia, following which Manjak gave Chris a wave.

We saw a return to failed purges in turn 6, with Zenjarplan failing even with the help of a First Purge card. Palavrian (Michael) decided to put Foreign Minister Schukratoff on trial, which failed. The subsequent health phase kills off both Manjak and Zenjarplan. The first Party Chief nomination failed, but on the second try Goferbrok was elected. It turned out that both Kevin and Michael have the same number of influence points on Goferbrok, and as no player was able to break this tie, a die roll gave control to Kevin. Kevin immediately - and to great disdain - installed Wasolin as KGB head; he also put Mischif in as Foreign Minster, moving Schukratoff to Defense. Goferbrok waved at the October parade for Kevin, before Michael added two points in the Add Influence phase to take control.

Turn 7 saw a single purge (Karienko). In the Spy Investigation phase, Shukratoff (Chris) attempted to put Wasolin on trial, but he was saved by an Alibi; the failed trial forced Shukratoff to retire to the Wall. Shootemdedsky joined him there in the Health phase. Michael, now in full control, moved Mischif to Defence, Wasolin to Foreign Minister, and promoted Satin to KGB. Goferbrok failed to wave for Michael.

Three candidates were purged in turn 8. There were no deaths in the Health phase, no need for Michael to reorganize the Politburo with all remaining People ending up as Candidates, and no one with the ability to Rehabilitate willing to bring anyone back from Siberia. Once again, Goferbrok failed to wave for Michael.

Turn 9 turned out to be the final turn of the game, as Satin revealed himself to be the KGB head we deserved. In his Purge phase, Michael purged Nikotin, Wasolin, Protsky and Badenoff, only stopping because his age did not permit any more purges. With Michif condemning Doberman in the Spy Investigation phase and a single death in the Health phase, the Politburo could not be filled and Goferbrok gave Michael the win.

2019 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
John Keating Chris Geggus Kevin Youells Bruce Monnin Robert Seulowitz
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
New Board member Andrew Drummond takes on the
CABS contingent of Sean NcCulloch and Pete Stein.
Who will be purged next.
Finalists with GM Steve Cuccaro.
GM  Steve Cuccaro [14th Year]  NA
 Cuccaro@fastmail.fm  410-294-3127