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Ace of Aces (AOA) WBC 2022 Event Report
Updated February 13, 2023
34 Players Richard Irving 2022 Status 2023 Status History/Laurels
2022 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Irving Ends 13 Year Drought To Regain Championship!

With the 3-year break, we were a little worried that flying biplanes and triplanes through battles in WWI might have lost its luster at WBC, but those fears were for naught. 34 different fighters (a 36% increase over 2019) took to the skies in this unique take on dogfighting. In the opening rounds we saw many battles and some showed to fight in the heats while others did their fighting in their hotel rooms or while waiting for other games. The free-form nature of the event is extraordinarily accessible.

We had 14 fighters submit their dogfighting records for consideration in the finals. Happily, despite a very generous condition that pilots only needed 10 fights against 4 unique opponents (leaving open the legal possibility of fighting the same opponent 7 times) not a single fighter engaged a particular opponent more than 3 times. Records varied through the pilots, but the best qualifying score was an incredible average of 4.3/fight put up by Matt Chestnut. Matt amazingly did not lose a single dogfight in the preliminaries and only tied once against Richard Irving. On the other side of the ledger was your humble GM who went 1-10-1 in the preliminaries only getting a 2-0 win when his opponent needed to leave early so did not re-engage.

8 (9 counting the GM) players showed for the final circus including alternates Jenn Craig and returning champion Bill Burtless. Unfortunately for them all 6 qualifiers showed, and we were down to a Round Robin match amongst our top fighters.

(Note that because of inefficient swapping of pairs we had 7 rounds to accomplish our 6 person round robin schedule)

In the first pairings, two-time champion Richard Irving quickly dispatched first time finalist Sara Ward 6-2. 2019 3rd place finisher David-John Pack had an epic battle with 8-time finalist Doug Porterfield edging him out 7-6. And #1 seed Matt had a quick win over another new finalist Brad Raszewski 6-2.

In the next two fights, Richard staked his claim on an early lead with a 7-2 thrashing of David-John while Sara held on tight against Doug but eventually fell 7-4.

For Round 3 Richard (2-0) went the distance with the neophyte #1 seed Matt (1-0) but experience triumphed and Richard got his third win 7-5. David-John (1-1) redeemed his loss to Richard by dispatching Brad (0-1) by a 6-3 score.

Round 4 had three win Richard waiting while we got our first upset of the finals as #6 seed Brad (0-2) took down Doug (1-1) by a 6-4 score. The other match had David-John (2-1) get himself to 3 wins with a close 6-4 win over Sara (0-2).

After 4 rounds, the standings were as follows:

  1. Richard 3-0
  2. David-John 3-1
  3. Matt 1-1
  4. Brad 1-2
  5. Doug 1-2
  6. Sara 0-3

Round 5 saw the two most experienced pilots go head-to-head as Richard (3-0) took on Doug (1-2). Keeping his hopes alive, Doug pulled out a 7-5 win in the back-and-forth affair, knocking Richard back to 3-1. The other match had Matt (1-1) dash David-John’s (3-1) hopes of a 4 win final by quickly shooting him down 6-2.5.

Going into round 6 both Matt and Richard only had 1 loss each but another upset was brewing. Sara (0-3) drew Matt (2-1) in this round and while it went back and forth, Sara persevered and pulled out a 6.5-4 victory that crashed Matt’s hopes of a championship. In the other match, Richard’s (3-1) final match was also close against Brad (1-2) but he pulled out the 6-4 victory for a 4-1 record and his third Ace of Aces Championship.

Despite Richard having secured the win, there were still 2 matches to go, including the one that would decide second place in the tournament. Matt (2-2) needed one more win against Doug (2-2) to secure second place in his first time in the circus. Alas, it was not to be. Doug pulled off a 7-5 win that secured David-John the second place standing on tiebreakers. But the fighting was not over as Sara (1-3) took on Brad (1-3). With a win, Sara could vault herself up into 4th place and drop Matt down to 5th. Unfortunately for her Brad dispatched her quickly 7-3 securing 5th place for himself with a 2-3 record.

A huge thank you to everyone who participated this year and congratulations to our champion, Richard. Next year we will endeavour to have the buttons and coins that make this a truly special event at WBC and hopefully continue to grow it to a new audienc

2022 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1

David John Pack Doug Porterfield Matt Chesnut Bradley Raszewski Sara Ward
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

GM Andrew Drummond flying with the new recruits. Photographer distracts pilot.

GM and Finalists get ready for the Circus.
GM  Andrew Drummond [1st Year]