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Auction (AUC) WBC 2022 Event Report
Updated March 8, 2023
26 Players Ken Gutermuth 2022 Status 2023 Status History/Laurels
2022 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Fourth Time Is A Charm

I took over GM duties from Bruce Reiff, my first time acting as GM. I was a little nervous during the demo session but I only had one person show up so the jitters went away pretty quickly.

The object of the game is to be the first to accumulate sets of collectibles (Books, Jewelry, and Miniatures just to name a few) and/or cash that totals $7500 and declare victory. This is accomplished by winning auctions, selling items for cash and knowing when to keep bidding and when to drop out at just the right time.

We had 26 potential collectors put their skills to the test across 4 Heats. Heat 1 winners were Bruce Monnin, Jeff Mullet and Vassili Kyrkos. Heat 2 winners were Bruce Reiff and Ken Gutermuth, Heat 3 once again proved to be up against too many other options and only 1 4-player game was contested where I picked up a second win. The 4th and final Heat saw Rob Kircher, Andy Joy and Bruce Monnin all pick up victories, the second one for Bruce.

After learning that Jeff Mullet had left the WBC early, the remaining 6 Heat winners were randomly spit into 2 3-player semifinals, Because of the numbers, the final would be the two Semifinal winners plus the best second place finisher to have a 3-player Final.

Semifinal #1 featured former champions Bruce Monnin, Bruce Reiff and Rob Kircher. It was a total runaway for Bruce Monnin as his total of $8530 completely obliterated Rob Kircher’s total of $4790. Bruce Reiff forgot the object of the game was to make money and finished with $640 (you start the game with $2000!)

Semifinal #2 had 3-time champion Ken Gutermuth winning an awfully close contest with $8200. Andy Joy just edged out the GM, Vassili Kyrkos by $130 ($7390 to $7260) to earn the third spot in the Final.

The Final started off quickly for Bruce Monnin as he won the first 3 auctions, picking up some Books and a pair of Rare Miscellany for a total of $1510. He was able to sell some items to make up most of that money. Ken Gutermuth won the next two auctions, picking up some Miniatures and Sterling for $860 total. He was able to sell some items that recouped that plus some more, so he was in good shape as well.

A Lot Sale at the end of Ken’s sales phase ensured Auction #6 would be an exciting one as 3 items would be put up for bid at once. It turned out to be 4 items as a Buyer’s Card was uncovered along with Antique Clocks, Jewelry and Rare Miscellany. When the gavel dropped, Bruce had outlasted Ken with a winning bid of $1520. Andy Joy continued to bide his time and wait for the perfect time to strike. Bruce sold some Prints and Miniatures for $880 and seemed poised to claim victory as he was very close to the set of Rare Miscellany, but everything changed in the next auction.

Auction #7 saw another Buyer’s Card and Sterling go on the block. After an intense bidding war, Ken won the auction with a bid of $1500. He then sold some expensive Jewelry that gave him enough cash and the set of Sterling to claim victory.

Final scores were as follows:

  • Ken Gutermuth - $8230
  • Bruce Monnin - $3990
  • Andy Joy - $3840

Ken captured his fourth title in this event, winning it previously in 1994, 1997 and 2013. He is now only one back of 5-time champion Bruce Reiff.

Thanks again to all who played and we look forward to you joining us again in 2023!

2022 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1

Bruce Monnin Andy Joy Rob Kircher Vassili Kyrkos Bruce Reiff
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
GM Vasilli trying to stop the smiling Bruce Monnin. Bruce Reiff stares down his bidding opponent.
Bruce Monnin advances to finals by defeating
Bruce Reiff and Rob Kircher.
Finalists with GM Vassili Kyrkos.
GM     Vasilli Kyrkos [1st Year]