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Acquire (ACQ) WBC 2023 Event Report
Updated November 10, 2023
76 Players Ryan Feathers Event History
  2023 Champion & Laurels

Feathers Captures Second Acquire Title!

Like many commenting on the WBC Facebook page, I was enthusiastic about attending the WBC this year. We are living in the golden age of gaming and the WBC is the gaming event to prove your metal.

2023's Acquire tournament had 35 Heat games. Winning scores ranged from 36,500 to 66,900 with an average of 49,000. Table seating was particularly bad for players seated second, winning only five times out of all 40 games played. Being involved in the first merger was extremely beneficial with the chance of winning at 70%. This year had six games in which three or all four players were involved in the first merger. Players were diligent this year with no one receiving the first and second place bonus for the first merger.

I had a sense of Deja-vue in the Semifinal. Jason Arvey (past finalist) won his Semifinal against the number one seed and a past champion. Ryan Feathers (past champion) won his Semifinal with the closest winning total in the Semifinal. Brad Raszewski won his Semifinal for the second year in a row. Not to be out done; returning champion, Matt Calkins, bested his opponents to reach the Final again.

In the final, Matt played first but was unable to start a chain. Brad, playing second, started the inexpensive chain; Saxon. Ryan started the medium chain, Worldwide. Jason didn't start a chain but bought into Worldwide. On turn 2, Matt started Festival. Brad kept him honest by buying Festival shares. Ryan started his second chain, American. And Jason policed Ryan by buying American. Worldwide and American showed the most promise and three players bought Worldwide shares on turn 3. Brad bucked the trend by starting Imperial on turn 3 and then Tower on turn 4.

For four turns, players jockeyed for position. By turn 8, everyone's cash had been depleated. On turn 10, Matt merged Continental into Saxon giving him second place and some much needed cash. Ryan's first place finish in Continental allowed him the finances to purchase a few Saxon shares. Two turns later, Ryan caused a three way merger – Saxon took over Worldwide and American. Although Ryan fell to second in Worldwide stock ownership, he had first place in American and with these two hotel stocks he traded his way to a permanent lead in Saxon.

On turn 12, Jason was finally able to start a chain by bringing back American. On Matt's immediate play after Jason, although restarting Worldwide, Matt saw the opportunity and bought American. That purchase was timely because Jason merged American into Saxon for a quick payout. He repaid Matt by buying Worldwide before Matt's immediate next turn merging Worldwide into Saxon.

Brad wasn't involved in takeover bonuses during the game, but bought and sold stock when able. After merging Tower into Saxon, he bought his way into first place on a restarted Continental then called the game.

Although a “slow” game with only five mergers, Ryan's judicious play and multi-stock trade for first place in Saxon won him the 2023 Acquire plaque.

2023 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 3
Matt Calkins Jason Arvey Bradley Raszewski Dan Elkins Paul Klayder
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Jeff Cornett contemplating his next move. A look of shock with this development.
Pleading his case with his fellow Hotel owners. Finalists with GM Cliff Ackman.
GM     Cliff Ackman [15th Year]