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Atlantic Storm (ACS) WBC 2023 Event Report
Updated September 11, 2023
91 Players Jack Proksch History/Laurels
  2023 Champion Click box for details.

Proksch Rules The Seas

This was the 25th anniversary for Atlantic Storm and it was my honor to GM this event as my 1st ever time as GM. I want to thank all the players and over the years it has really become an event family. Looking at the numbers overall we had: 91 unique players over 4 heats.

Heat 1 we had 7 tables with 45 players.

Noteworthy comments submitted by the players: Keith Hunsinger won his table after surviving not only the long war but 7 pushed convoys to refight. Well done, Keith! John Coussis won his table after an interesting start with the lead convoy being 1941 and walking the table with 1 air card. Of special note a table complimented Kevin Burns’ sportsmanship helping everyone at the table despite coming in last.

Heat 2 we had 10 tables with 51 players.

Noteworthy comments submitted by the players: From a moment of ‘You just had to be there’ scenario but might be glad you were not. The table of Jack Proksch, John Gitzen, Pete Pollard, James Pei, and Mark Yoshikawa was truly a spectacle to witness and to nobody’s surprise the group wrote themselves down as ‘Bad Sportsmen.’ How Jack survived the comedy and walked away with the win could be the mystery of the heat!

An extremely unique scenario occurred in this heat worth knowing about. It is detailed in Ben’s rules but is exceedingly rare. Attacking the convoy was only one player with a [red] fated card. The only other player to play played the fate card to remove the initial combat card however the new card was a [Zero] value. A legal play and he earned a spoil. However, since there were no points in the battle the convoy gets discarded. Remember this one in the future!

Heat 3 we had 8 tables with 44 players.

Noteworthy comments submitted by the players: Nick Kramer won a table I played at with where 4 times the 2 convoy choices were identical for the person with the choice. Same ocean, year, boat size and victory points and no fate. Talk about handcuffing the 1st player. At another table Keith Hunsinger picked up his 2nd win watching 3 “Stein Flushes” on the same convoy! Remember that rare scenario about pitching a convoy to the discard box? It happened again at Keith’s table!

Heat 4 we had 9 tables with 45 players.

Noteworthy comments submitted by the players: Marty Sample won a table playing Pacific Typhoon in a very tight contest separating all players by 9pts. In a recreation of the Pacific theater the final convoy was the Home Islands which was won dropping the A-Bomb (Little Boy) to win the game!

Chris Gnech took his table to a victory while watching the following battle. Kim Codoley playing the Tirpitz running into battle with the Steve Cameron commanding the Admiral Scheer in a combined suit as the only ships. Kim needed at least a roll of 3. Dacey Collinson warned “The dice are not kind.” Kim then rolls snake-eyes giving Steve and the Tirpitz the win.

In another table a true slugfest was seen with Roy Gibson battling Tim Evinger winning with 43 total points to Tim’s 37 points and the 2 players combined to capture 73% of all convoy points! M/p>

Semifinal Round

There were 4 tables in the Semifinal round with 21 players. Winners advanced and the top 2 second place scorers advancing to the Final table of 6 players. It was a rather calm Semifinal round played close to the vest by all players. One note from Jim Kramer’s table win was only 1 surface action called the entire game.

Final Round of 6 players

The final table featured 2 sets of related family members who held nothing back attacking each other at the table.

Some stats in the final round:

  • Convoys played: 1940 (2) 1941 (4) 1942 (8) 1943 (9)
  • Sea Type Played: Artic (2) Atlantic (21)
  • Battle Types: Air (4) Surface (4) Sub (12) Combined (3)

Here are some highlights of the final round:

Early on action saw Jim Kramer play a 4-card battle with a fated attack on a convoy capturing 4 points in a 1943 sub battle for an early lead. Jack Proksch launched a fated attack on convoy SC94 worth 3 points with Axis well ahead until Jack encountered some ill-timed weather effects courtesy of Jim Kramer to push the battle another round.

Mid game saw the Tirpitz come out by Nick Kramer followed by Joseph Collinson playing the King George V and the Raid On St Nazaire and the Grey Ranger. Ben Collinson Jr countered with the X-Craft removing all the spoils and keeping the King George V.

In a battle straight out of an amazing war movie script showed the Bizmark enter a battle along with the Scharnhorst, return of the King George V, Prinz Eugen, The Rodney and the Gneisenau all lost in a battle with a push that saw the battle continuing with the Hood, Wolverine, Renown and Bomber Command. A massive spoil collection won by Jack Proksch handing out battle wagons to multiple players.

In the next to last convoy Ben Collinson Jr leads the battle and takes a 4pt convoy and a 5pt spoil despite Jack Proksch playing the fated card for the convoy.

The final battle of the game saw the players sending everything they could into the battle with 14 cards played with counts in the 20’s for battle points to both sides.

Final scores were Jack Proksch 37 points, Ben Collinson Jr 31, Ernest Chambers 26, Jim Kramer 21, Nick Kramer 19, and Joseph Collinson 18.

Event Statistics order of finish in 5-player games.

  • 1st Place:
    • Seat 1 – 21%
    • Seat 2 – 26%
    • Seat 3 – 26%
    • Seat 4 – 15%
    • Seat 5 – 12%
  • 2nd Place:
    • Seat 1 – 29%
    • Seat 2 – 12%
    • Seat 3 – 24%
    • Seat 4 – 24%
    • Seat 5 – 12%
  • 3rdt Place:
    • Seat 1 – 9%
    • Seat 2 – 15%
    • Seat 3 – 21%
    • Seat 4 – 32%
    • Seat 5 – 24%
  • 4tht Place:
    • Seat 1 – 15%
    • Seat 2 – 29%
    • Seat 3 – 9%
    • Seat 4 – 21%
    • Seat 5 – 26%
  • 5tht Place:
    • Seat 1 – 26%
    • Seat 2 – 18%
    • Seat 3 – 21%
    • Seat 4 – 9%
    • Seat 5 – 26%

On a personal note: I would like to thank all the players for playing and many attending multiple heats and making things flow well for a 1st time GM. It was my pleasure to continue this event built on the 24-year history established by Ben Knight and John Coussis.

Also thank you to Lock and Load Publishing for providing copies of the game and player mats for prizes in the tournament. Please take a moment to drop them a message or tweet for supporting our great tournament.

2023 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Ben Collinson Jr Ernie Chambers James Kramer Jr Nick Kramer Joseph Collinson
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Jack Proksch survives a table of sharks on way to Final. Finalists with GM Scott Nerney
GM    Scott Nerney [1st Year]