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Alhambra (ALH) WBC 2023 Event Report
Updated November 10, 2023
74 Players Debbie Gutermuth Event History
2023 Champion & Laurels

Gutermuth Wins First Alhambra Title!

There were 21 games played in the 2 Heats.

Some interesting facts from these two heats.

There was one game ending in a tie. Cyril Tircuit won the tie breaker over Aubrey Powers.

Holiday Saccenti had the highest winning score of 118 which was only 2 points higher than Chris Houle. Brad Sherwood had the second highest winning score of 111 but this was 8 points higher than Lynn Chalfoun. The other games with winners with scores over 100 were: Chris Gnech and Debbie Gutermuth (the GM) with scores of 109, Holly Schlosser with 108, Steve Scott and Donna Herd with 104, and Jon Huston with 102.

Sondajo Walker had the lowest winning score of 80. Jeff Mullet had the second lowest winning score of 82. The other games with winning scores in the 80’s was: Trinity Fuss and Kristen LaDue with 87, Kyrie Moquin with 88, and Eric Sokolowsky and Chris Houle with 89.

The other winners were Matt Calkins, Andrew Emerick, Vassili Kyrkos, Skip Maloney, and Lexi Sheaburns.


Holiday Saccenti won her table as the closest game. She had 9 walls on the first scoring round which gave her the lead. While her wall length only grew to 11, she was able to keep the lead in each of the following rounds. She ended with a score of 87 which was only 2 points over Sondajo Walkers and 3 points over Matt Calkins.

Vassili Kyrkos had the second closest game with a 4-point win over Jon Huston. He had a slow start and was next to last after the 1st scoring round. By the second scoring round, he had taken 7-point lead. The third scoring round was very close but Vassili was able to keep the lead.

Debbie Gutermuth won her table with score of 93. After the 1st & 2nd scoring rounds, she had 1-point lead over Skip Maloney. Skip did not have a good 3rd round scoring so fell off. Chris Houle who was lower than by at least 10 points from me and Skip after the 2nd round scoring had a great 3rd round scoring but was still 5-points shy of beating me. This is only the second time in 17 years of GMing Alhambra that I reached the final round.


After the 1st scoring round, Jeff had a very slow start with only 2 points with 1 being a wall and the other was a shared score in the brown buildings. Vassili had secured the pink buildings and wall length of 1 giving him 7 points. Holiday, who shared the brown buildings with Jeff, had secured the green buildings and had a wall length of 2 giving her 8 points. I had held the lead in red and white buildings with wall length of 5 giving her the lead with score of 11.

After the 2nd scoring round, Vassili had still held the lead in the pink buildings but did not have much else and only scored 23 points in this round giving him a total of 30 points and in last place. Jeff Mullet had a much better 2nd round scoring with earning 30 points bringing him to 32 points. Holiday earned 28 points in this round bringing her to total 36 points. I continued to score well in this round with 35 points bringing my total to 46 .

In the last scoring round, Vassili dominated the pink buildings but did not do a lot outside of them. He scored 44 points in this round bringing his total to 74 which landed him in last place. Holiday scored 65 points in this round bringing her to a total score of 101. Jeff scored the most points in this round with 71 bringing his score to 103. I did not earn as many points as Jeff in this round with scoring only 66 points but with the lead I had coming out of the 2nd round I was able to keep the lead with an ending score of 112. Proud that I can now say I have won the tournament I run and enjoy playing.

Thanks to all who played this year and hope to see you next year.

2023 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1

Jeff Mullet Holiday Saccenti Vassili Kyrkos Sondajo Walker Jon Huston
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Pausing in the middle of his play for the camera. Building Palaces in the Heats.
Vassili Kyrkos on way to the Final. Finalists including GM Debbie Gutermuth.



GM     Debbie Gutermuth [17th Year]