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Annapurna (ANP) WBC 2023 Event Report
Updated October 6, 2023
12 Players Anne Norton Event History
  2023 Champion & Laurels

Norton Captures 1st Annapurna Championship!

We skipped from Semifinal to final because two players didn’t show, one because he thought it was Saturday not Friday.

The Finalists were Ron Robinson, David-John Pack, Anne Norton, and Meredith McQuoid-Greason.

Goal: get a point value closest to 0 to earn more Flags (VP). 9 Flags to win.

Ascent One:

Full of energy and vigor everyone climbed quickly at the start. There were many instances of messing with each other’s mountainsides and peak cards. Despite that Ron managed to LEAVE NO TRACE BEHIND and earned the maximum four flags while the rest were all dusted with zero. Very Cutthroat.

Scores: Ron 4, David-John 0, Anne 0, Meredith 0.

Ascent Two:

Ron started the next ascent and immediately stole a card from Anne’s hand. She flipped her first card and got an extra turn. Things moved quickly even though multiple people ran into Rockslides and were slowed down.

David-John had Trouble at the Airport with Meredith and had to shuffle hands. Despite that he came in closest to balanced.

Scores: Ron 4, David-John 3, Anne 2, Meredith 1.

Ascent Three:

By the third ascent, the glint off the snow (sleeved cards) was blinding climbers, so we switched to original unmelted snow (unsleeved cards).

As soon as David-John got on the mountain and got a skipped turn while Anne got herself an extra turn, sweeping three cards in the process. She and Ron got to the top and started throwing rocks (cards) at each other.

Ron then locked his mountain at 0 and decided to meditate while waiting for everyone else. Very Zen.

Meredith achieved balance as she Saw for Miles at the summit. Three people ended this ascent perfectly balanced at 0 but Ron got to the top first so he won that round. This put an even bigger target on his back.

Scores: Ron 7, David-John 5, Anne 2, Meredith 2.

Ascent Four:

Anne started this ascent and immediately got a second turn again (Yes, we watched her lay out her mountain). Both Meredith and Ron found yetis (the card with the highest point value) while David-John looked at his peak card and questioned its choice at being placed there. A few turns were spent swapping out peak cards. Sabotage! Treachery! Very Cutthroat.

Then our newest player Meredith came from behind and balanced by Seeing for Miles again! David John took third place so Ron would come in fourth.

Scores: Ron 7, David-John, Anne 5, Meredith 4.

Ascent Five:

Ron went first and immediately found a yeti. Anne got an extra turn (Extra turn count: 4.) Then she and Meredith both found yetis. David-John avoided yetis somehow. Meredith and Ron had Trouble at the Airport and swapped their hands perfectly. They however were unable to swap back as they were nearly at the top of a very deadly mountain.

Anne risked it all on a Leave No Trace Behind gamble, climbing to her peak card blind. She found a rockslide instead of balance.

Scores: Ron 7, David-John 8, Anne 8, Meredith 5.

The Last Ascent:

It was quickly discovered that this would be the last ascent up Annapurna. Anne and David-John were just one flag away from a win, Ron needed just two, and if Meredith pulled off a Leave No Trace Behind, even she could win.

Despite starting the round Ron flipped over Last on the Trail and skipped a turn. Anne got yet another extra turn, this time on her second round. (Extra turn count: 5. Look, Annapurna was just feeling Zen and benevolent.)

Anne went for Leave No Trace Behind just like last time but found Rope instead. (Ok, maybe not so benevolent.) Meredith and Ron went for the top hoping to catch up to Anne. Everyone was unbalanced and waiting for David-John to get to the top. They squabbled and threw rocks while Anne deftly locked her mountain at 0. David-John cleared his mountain when he reached the top, securing second.

2023 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0

David-John Pack Ron Robinson Meredith McQuoid-Greason Steve Cameron Keith Levy
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Anne Norton enjoying the climb to the top of the mountain.

David-John Pack in heat action on way to Final.
GM     Rebecca Horovitz [1st Year]