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Bitter Woods (BWD) WBC 2023 Report
Updated December 13, 2023
20 Players Michael Mitchell Event History
2023 Champion & Laurels

Sinigalio Wins First Bitter Woods Title!

It was a good year for Bitter Woods and everything else at Seven Springs, because we had a WBC. There weren't as many players as there was a while ago, but we reached the player threshold of 16 anyhow.

In the Free Form Rounds, Frank Sinigaglio finished atop the leaderboard, with Bill Morse, Vinny Sinigaglio and Cecil Jones rounding out the score board. Thus, the playoff round pitted Frank Sinigaglio with Cecil Jones and Bill Morse up against Vinny Sinigaglio.

In the Vinny Sinigaglio-Bill Morse Semifinal, Bill was playing the Germans in the six-turn scenario. Bill’s opening attacks were not great, so Vinny decided to hold onto as much territory as possible. The US holding forward is not usually a good idea, because it is easy to get a bunch of units trapped by good German advances. Soon enough, Vinny had large pockets of trapped units; however, Vinny is a tough bird who doesn’t surrender, so Bill had to kill his units off a little at a time, allowing him to attain the necessary victory conditions.

In the Cecil Jones-Frank Sinigaglio Semifinal, things went badly for Cecil in the six-turn scenario. Cecil, playing the Germans did not kill any Americans, nor did he build a bridge at Dasburg or Vanden on the first turn. As a result, Frank had a boatload of free units and Cecil was stuck east of the Our River for two complete turns. With a plethora of free units, Frank was able to stifle Peiper and Cecil was hard pressed to get adjacent to any of the territorial victory towns. Thus, the Germans were unable to attain enough victory conditions to win and Frank advanced to the Final.

In the Final for the first time was Frank Sinigaglio vs three time champion Bill Morse. Frank did fairly well on the first turn, getting the bridge built at Dasburg, but Bill knows how to win under any circumstance.

A key attack by Frank opened up the front for the 6th Panzer Army. Frank attacked Malmedy with Peiper on the 17AM turn with air support and the hope of surprise. Bill held Malmedy with a 6-5-4 Infantry unit and General Hodges, but Bill had placed his air on interdiction and could not counter the Stuka at Malmedy. Frank rolled a D back 2 and Bill would be forced to take a step loss and kill Hodges in order to hold Malmedy, but he chose to retreat instead. Frank’s Germans advanced across the Warche, but Bill countered by blowing the fuel dump at Francorchamps. Bill played defense masterfully and never lost Stavelot.

The championship was razor close. Bill’s Americans held off the Germans in the north, but the Americans were on the cusp of losing 12 units. On 17AM, the Germans killed the twelfth American while taking Noville with an extended advance. Bill surveyed the situation and couldn’t figure out a way to take back Noville, so he surrendered. The game was close to the end and die rolls could have swung the victory in either direction.

Congratulations to Frank Sinigaglio for winning his first WBC DBW Championship.

2023 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Bill Morse Cecil Jones Vinny Sinigaglio Bruno Sinigaglio Johnny Hasay
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Spectators watch for the next decisive move. Bill Morse and Vinny Sinigaglio battle in Bitter Woods.
Takingtime for a photo op during the battle. Bill Morse takes break from game reporting.
GM Bruno Sinigaglio [5th Year]