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Combat Commander (CBC) WBC 2023 Event Report
Updated November 1, 2023
36 Players Stan Myszak Event History
2023 Champion & Laurels

New GM Wins First Championship!

To show our appreciation to Bryan Collars for his many years of running the tournament, the team presented him with a hand made “Leader of Men” tribute souvenir. The commemorative 3D initiative souvenir was put together by Larry Sisson and David Pepin. In addition, 3 out of 4 scenarios selected for the tournament where all designed by Bryan.

This year we had 38 participants, an increase over last year’s post Covid low of 28. With the new tiebreaker rules most people played at least 3 rounds, therefore playing time was up. After 4 rounds we ended with 2 players with 4-0 records and 7 players with 3-1 records requiring five tie breaker games. The tie breaker scenario “King of the Hill” was well received with only 2 people (1 game) resorting to a card flip, while the vast majority chose to play the 20-minute tie-breaker. The tie-breaker determined which two players with 3-1 records would advance to play the two undefeated players.

For the Semifinal and Final, the scenario chosen every time by the lower seed, was Bryan Collars designed scenario “A Midnight Clear”, without a doubt one of the most balance scenarios ever designed.

In the first Semifinal, Ted and his German troops quickly took up position around objective #2, where all the important action of the game took place. The game was decided on a melee as David’s GI’s assaulted the German units in the objective hex. Despite Ted having 3 Ambush Actions they were unable to win the melee, and thus lost the game by Surrender.

The Second Semifinal was between Stan and Alain.

The Americans after wiring the Germans managed to secure a 4-point lead early by securing the objective and killing a Line team. Later this was Followed up by an American Command and Control event the lead increased to 8 points. This became difficult to overcome for Alain. His only chance would be a decisive melee, which I worked. The game ended with a 6-point difference in favor of the US.

Final: David #1 vs Stan #2

This scenario was very tightly played with David taking the Germans and myself playing with the American deck. The Americans jumped out to an erroneous quick 6-point lead, which after correction, and game play was eventually whittled down to 0. In addition, David had built his hand up for an Advance order. Desperate times forced me to Fire multiple times and a very fortunate quick Time event was triggered, on a Recover order no less, that saved the day. David’s deck running was dangerously low. I forced the second sudden death roll via two Fire orders and won by holding of the initiative card. It cannot get closer as far as margins of victory go.

I would like to begin by thanking Nathan Wagner who alertly let us know that the tournament needed a GM or would fall out of the Century and volunteered to help as assistant GM. I thank our team of assistants (both official and otherwise) who helped with rulings, administrative support and permitted the GM to play. I would also thank all those who participated and contributed in making this year’s tournament fun. We are looking forward to next year and are planning upon providing a couple of new twists.

2023 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
David Pepin Alain Belisle Ted Lyng David Wolfe Bryan Collars
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Former GM Bryan Collars with “Leader of Men” award
from players.
Early Round action in the First Tracks.
Enjoying a game of Combat Commander in Winterberry. Nathan Wagner in Combat Commander.
GM Stan Myszak [1st Year]