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Charioteer (CTR) WBC 2023 Event Report
Updated September 12, 2023
83 Players David Sinodis History/Laurels
  2023 Champion Click box for details.

Sinodis Bests 83 To Win First Charioteer Championship!

We were extremely fortunate to have the designer, Matt Calkins, present to teach the demo. There was a good crowd present, all eager to learn the game. With several people who had not played the game before, James DuBose volunteered to run a beginners table, teaching the game.

After three heats, we had our Semifinalists. With 21 people present, we ran four tables at four players and one table of five players. This Semifinal allowed one second place finisher to advance to the Final. After going to the second tiebreaker for the second-place finisher, Jacob Hebner joined Joe Birnbaum, David Wolfe, David Sinodis, Kurt Hoffman, and Jeffery McCue at the Final table.

All lined up at the start, the crowd noise in the Circus Maximus at fever pitch anticipating the start of the event. With the flag raised, we are off. David Wolfe sprinted to the lead into the corner, followed by Kurt Hoffman and Jeffery McCue. After the first lap, Jeffery McCue was able to take the lead with Kurt Hoffman, David Sinodis, David Wolfe, Jacob Hebner behind, with Joe Birnbaum trailing in the rear.

After two laps, David Wolf was able to maintain the lead, with David Sinodis in second, Jacob Hebner in third, Kurt Hoffman in fourth, Jeffery in fifth, and Joe Birnbaum lagging in sixth place. With a lot of attack cards being played, damage was starting to hinder both Jeffery and Joe’s progress around the Circus Maximus. Despite the damage, Joe was able to catch up to the trailing pack.

Into the final turn, Joe was able to charge up the back stretch to take the lead, followed closely by David S. and David W. With Kurt, Jacob and Jeffery rounding out the group.

With a mad dash to the finish, David S. was able to pull out the win followed by Joe, David W., Kurt, Jacob, and Jeffery.

2023 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: N/A

Joseph Birnbaum David Wolfe Kurt Hoffman Jacob Hebner Jeffrey McCue
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Rich Shipley enjoying the race.

How do I get back into this race?

Finalists with GM Ed Rader.

Designer Matt Calkins presents Trophy to
champion David Sinodis.
GM     Ed Rader [1st Year]