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For The People (FTP) WBC 2023 Event Report
Updated October 27, 2023
28 Players James Pei Event History
2023 Champion & Laurels

Brother Against Brother; The Return Of The King!

This is the 23rd running of the FTP tournament at WBC, continuing strong at Seven Springs Mountain Resort. We had a good turnout of 28 participants, including 8 new players. The Demo on Tuesday afternoon was fully packed, with 16 people and a cameraman listening to AGM Nick Pei’s talk, with assistance from Taylor Golding. However, seems like every year now, some of our regulars cannot make it. Among the MIA were the Minnesota contingent, led by Herr Dr, and the Arizona clan, led by Michael Day. The most missed were our renowned designer, Mark Herman, and our original librarian, Don Chappell. But our current librarian, Taylor Golding, returned after 10 years, from Canada. Michael Dauer, a Paths of Glory and Here I Stand champ, also decided to dip his toes into the FTP pool. Other notables making an appearance were Tom Thornsen, Mark Giddings, Michael Mitchell, and Chris Byrd.

A total of 30 games were played, including a record 10 coaching games. Box score is close with 14 Union and 16 CSA victories.

As befitting the ACW, the 2023 Final was another brother against brother affair. This was a rematch of the 2016 Final, and the 4th time that Nick Pei advanced to the Final. Random die roll had Nick as the Union and I was the Rebel. Here is the summary. Note that for the first time, an FTP Final game is being filmed.

Turn 1: Union got off to a rocky start when AOP lost the battle of Winchester and forced to stay there. Thereafter, Union began fortifying the Northeast. I got decent cards, enough to reposition my forces and bring KY into the Confederacy.

Turn 2: USA regrouped, raised Blockade, and built up more forts. Both players sparred in KY. CSA stood up AONV and used the last card to bring WV into the Confederacy. CSA SW = 112+.

Turn 3: CSA drew a good hand, with a reinforcement card and a Minor Campaign. I started pushing heavy into MO. USA shifted forces around and gained enough control of both KY and MO. Unfortunately, Nick failed to bring the CSA SW below 110 and forced to play FI! I can only save one border state, which I did to keep KY. Using the Campaign as the last move, AONV tried its luck battering into Frederick. I barely won the battle, but this allowed a follow on force to raid MD. So, USA admitted MO into the Union, but suffered a raid. USA SW = 84-, CSA SW = 117+.

Turn 4: USA reinforcement was down to 10 SP vs 13 for CSA. So, situation was getting dire, and Nick tried to rectify his position. But Lee and his cavalry units swarmed the DC area with interlocking interception supports. CSA formed another army under Lee to hold fast in the NE corridor. Whenever AOP cleared one area, CSA would counterattack. There were lots of actions and maneuvering from both sides. The turn ended with 2 raids in PA and MD. USA SW = 76-, CSA SW = 127+.

Turn 5: I drew a bad hand with lots of 1-Op cards and the EP card. So, I was very tentative in initiating any battle during the turn. In fact, I pulled AONV back to prevent AOP from attacking it, thus minimizing my downside risk. USA pushed heavy and cleared CSA forces out of many raided spaces. Jackson used the EP as the last card to smash into Baltimore, and Mac failed the interception. Stonewall then rolled up the minimal Union garrisons and pulled off 2 more raids. That was enough for CSA to win by doubling the USA SW. (Last year, there was a disturbance in the Force. This year, all is aligned again)

Thanks to all who showed up and played. I had a great time at 7S, spending 9 days with so many friends and playing in some of my favorite games. As I said in my interview with Colin, WBC has become more of a journey than a destination. The whole week was about open gaming, socializing, meeting new people and reacquainting with old friends. Playing in tournaments was just icing on the cake. The nice mountain weather was another bonus. While back in VA, temperature was in the 90+ degrees and approaching triple digits elsewhere in USA, it was balmy high 60s in 7S. So, for the first time in 20+ years travelling to WBC, I finally devoted time to play tennis early in the week to take advantage of the good weather. What a way to enjoy the journey!

I hope to see more of you return to the FTP tourney next year.

2023 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 3
Nick Pei Chris Byrd Taylor Golding Lucas Rhodes Max DuBoff
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Action on the Western Front. First Round action in For the People.
Battle of the laurelists Nick Pei and Chris Byrd. Final between brothers Nick and GM James.
GM  James Pei [6th Year]