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Las Vegas (LAS) WBC 2023 Event Report
Updated November 13, 2023
178 Players Rob Kircher Event History
  2023 Champion & Laurels

Kircher Top Player At The Casinos!

The first day of WBC is wrapping up, so it is time for everyone to show up for Las Vegas and roll some dice before the end of the day.

We had 178 players show up for the event this year, which is an increase from last year. This was possible thanks to more people showing up with copies of the game than last year. This year we were able to avoid turning anyone away and only had to have a few people wait for us to find enough copies. Thanks to everyone that brought a copy.

Our biggest winner in the first round was David Schneider who scored $560K to take a comfortable victory in his game. We also saw results of $540K from Eric Meader and Alfred Schnabel. Those scores are definitely a good way to start the night.

We changed the format a little bit for the second round this year. After a few years of having too many players to run the event in just 3 rounds, but too many to have a clean single elimination event for 4 rounds it was decided that the smoothest organization for this event would be to advance the top 2 finishers from each table in the second round. This worked very smoothly as we took 33 players and reduced them to an even 16 for the Semifinal. The closest table from Round 2 saw Ray and Jack Wolff come down to a draw, but with both of them advancing there was no drama to be felt.

The Semifinal was broken down into 4 tables of 4 that were filled with a great number of recognizable names and faces. We had two Peter’s, two Wolff’s and 2 badge numbers that didn't even have 4 digits. In the end we had a Final foursome of Ray Wolff, Anne Murtagh, Rob Kircher and Richard Irving.

Richard was off to a hot start in the Final winning one large bill and dueling with Rob in a couple of casinos that had 2 bills up for grabs to pick up $160K in the opening round. He would attempt to solidify his lead in the 2nd round by winning 2 casinos that both had large bills on it. Unfortunately for Richard there was a lot of money on the table that round so everyone was able to stay within striking distance as we reached the halfway mark. The third round would see Rob surging into the lead with him being able to use his dice efficiently to have the most dice on 2 casino with nice payouts and also scoop up another payout as Richard's and Anne's dice clashed for a draw. All Rob had to do in the Final round was to score just a little more than Richard on a board that only had one large bill to be won. He would be able to do that by dropping a total of 7 dice on casino number 5 over the course of the round to secure the $80K that was there and also pull off scoring a second place reward off of a single result of a three. At the end Rob recorded a final score of $520K to Richard's $480K result to take home the 1st place plaque this year.

2023 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Richard Irving Anne Murtagh Ray Wolff Peter Staab Jack Wolff
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Grand Ballroom filled with visitors to Las Vegas. Wonder what they are serving at this casino?
A motley crew in Vegas: Lewis’s, Gutermuth, Githens, and Pfiefer. Some smiles, they must be winning.
GM  Adam Hurd [5th Year]