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Liar's Dice (LID) WBC 2023 Event Report
Updated November 2, 2023
219 Players Eugene Yee Event History
  2023 Champion & Laurels

A New GM And Six New Laurelists!

The roar of shaking dice fills the ballroom. The countdown begins… and the sound of 219 cups crashing onto tables signals the start of the 2023 tournament for Liar’s Dice. Several minutes later our first player is eliminated and walks out amidst cheers, applause, and maybe some minor heckling, but hey, he got a chocolate bar and extra free time.

Thirty-five winners advance to the second Round, rolling their dice, slamming their cups, bluffing their way to the top. But only one will reign victorious, and soon there are only 6. So, we find ourselves sitting with Jennifer Visocnik, Eugene Yee, Megan Manley, Keith Boone, Chris Meyer, and Jim Kramer as the Final Round begins.

With 6 stars pushed forward and a bid of 10 stars, Eugene calls Jenn a Liar; the dice are revealed and with only 9, the first die is lost and the game is on! The dice in play suddenly decrease as the accuracy of Megan’s bid causes everyone to hand in a die. The dice continue to favor Megan as 13 of the 21 dice turn up to support her, and Keith hands over another precious cube. Jim’s strategy, push out his dice and convince the table that his number is the one to back, continues as he pushes forward his 4’s. The bid increases as Jenn follows suit and adds to the 4’s on the table. Eugene quietly plays it cool and suddenly Megan’s winning streak is broken - how could she not push the bid to 10 when 7 of the 4’s are showing? Soon only 15 dice remain, and Megan becomes our first player eliminated and she finally gets to go to bed. Good night, Megan.

Keith gains notice when, with 13 dice in play, he calls Liar on a bid of 4, but against the odds, 6 of the 13 dice match the bid and the final two of his dice are lost. Jenn takes her chance to eliminate a player and Jim’s cup is then turned up. Only 6 dice and 3 players remain, but the tension does not last for long; Jenn is called out by Eugene into a third-place finish.

And then there were 2. Chris and Eugene shake their dice, slam their cups, and without glancing at his die Chris looks across the table and calls Eugene a Liar! A bold move to end the game. And this is the story of how Eugene Yee becomes the 2023 Liar’s Dice winner with 3 dice remaining!

2023 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Chris Meyer Jennifer Visocnik Jim Kramer Keith Boone Megan Manley
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Sara Ward and the Wojtaszczyk’s enjoying Liar’s Dice. Did Duke education teach del Carpio and Niu how to lie?.
The younger generation enjoying late night gaming. Finalists with GM Erika Anderson.
GM  Erika Anderson [1st Year]