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Paydirt (PDT) WBC 2023 Report
Updated November 14, 2023
33 Players Joe Yaure Event History
  2023 Champion & Laurels

Yaure Wins Another Championship!

The Paydirt event continues to get decent support with 33 unique players entering. Down from our pre-covid peak of 52, but this classic title still has a draw amongst the sports crowd. The format was similar to previous years, single elimination tournament for each conference and participants bid points in the point spread to draft a team that interests them. We stayed with randomizing the team draft order to keep potential coaches on their toes and that worked really well again.


The AFC tournament had 28 players meaning 14 games in the opening round. There were some great matchups with 11 of the 14 games being decided by 1 score or less. At least two games, Kansas City (Ron) 30 vs Los Angeles Chargers 28 (Sean) missed 2 pt. conv., and Indianapolis (Nate) 31 vs Baltimore (Johnny) 30 – TD by Indianapolis, were won or lost on the final play of the game. The AFC Semifinal featured some unlikely pairings. Two AFC South bottom dwellers Houston (Mike W.) and Indianapolis (Chris K.) who went at face value managed to leverage their large point spreads to carry them into the Semifinal. Houston managed wins over Pittsburgh (Patrick G.) 31-29, Los Angeles Chargers (Evan) 35-20, and Miami (John C.) 29-27. That setup a matchup against Kansas City (Ron P. returning champion). Houston was getting 21 points to start, but Kansas City did not panic and slowly chipped away at the lead. Ultimately though, KC ran out of time and Houston advanced to the AFC Championship. Indianapolis managed to upset Cincinnati (Scott) 31-30, Cleveland (Paul) 19-7, the other Indianapolis (Nate) to setup matchup against Miami (Joe Y. a former champion). Miami cruised through the bracket lighting up the scoreboard by using Miami’s long passing game with wins over Las Vegas (Trinity) 36-22, Bufffalo (Glenn) 52-28, Denver (Devon) 67-20! Miami took out Indianapolis 28-10 and advanced to the AFC Championship against Houston. Once again, Miami was able to use the passing attack and defeat Houston, 56-20. So, Miami (Joe Y.) advanced to the Super Bowl awaiting the NFC winner.


The NFC tournament had 24 participants, 12 games in the opening round. Not to be outdone by the AFC, the NFC games were also competitive with 8 of 12 opening round games being decided by one score or less. David B. (formerly GM) managed to get his first win, Dallas 35-29 over Atlanta (Caitlin) since returning to the event last year after a few decade hiatus. The New York Giants (Bruno P.) squeaked out a 3 point overtime win, 27-24, vs. the Los Angeles Rams (Devon G.) Unlike the AFC, however, the NFC Semifinal featured all playoff teams. The New York Giants (Glenn C.) vs. Tampa Bay (John S) went down to the wire. With the score 14-5, New York Giants, heading into the 4th quarter the Giants looked like they were in control. Tampa Bay manages to take the lead, 15-14 mid to late 4th quarter. The Giants come right back kicking a Field Goal at the 3 min. mark to re-take the lead, 17-15. TB scores a touchdown with :40 remaining, 22-17, Tampa Bay. It looks like Tampa Bay has it in the bag but WAIT … the New York Giants manage to catch the Tampa Bay defense, who were Blitzing, and roll a touchdown code with :20 seconds remaining. Incredible ending. The other Semifinal game featured San Francisco (Doug P.) vs Minnesota (Joe B.). Giving Minnesota +11 was too much for San Francisco to makeup. The Vikings passing game was enough to exploit San Francisco’s secondary in this matchup. The Vikings managed to win the game outright, 27-18. The NFC Championship was set, New York Giants (Glenn C.) vs Minnesota (Joe B.) This is the first Championship appearance for both of these players so obviously they were excited. Minnesota was getting a +2 point spread to start. This turned out to be a defensive game, surprisingly, with a final of 20-13 (including the spread), Minnesota.

Super Bowl

The matchup was Miami (Joe Y. ) vs Minnesota (Joe B.). This was Joe B.’s first time in the Final! The Vikings were getting 7 points to start and after the buzzsaw performance by Miami in the AFC, Minnesota had a defensive gameplan in mind to somehow stop Joe Y. and Miami’s passing attack that simply destroyed the AFC. Minnesota won the toss and deferred. Miami’s first series drove the field and scored a touchdown to tie it 7-7. Minnesota has to punt on their 1st possession. Miami, again drives the field and scores, 14-7 Miami. Minnesota continues to struggle on offense punting it away. Miami’s 3rd possession results in a FG 17-7, Miami, end of the 1st. Miami manages two more touchdown in the 2nd quarter while Minnesota finally found the end zone, 31-14 Miami. Turnovers played a big factor in the 2nd half with Minnesota giving up a sack fumble that was returned for a touchdown along with two other turnovers. Miami only lost the ball once. This turned out to be a rout, 45-28, Miami, coached by Joe Yaure. Congrats Joe on another Paydirt title. Congrats Joe Betz on a Final appearance.

Overall, we had a great event!

2023 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Joe Betz Mike Windle Glenn Cummins John Shaheen Doug Porterfield
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Who can make it to the Championship game?

Jacob Hebner trying to make his way back to Laurels.

All smiles during this game.

The season rolls on.

GM  Ron Pisarz [5th Year]