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Puerto Rico (PRO) WBC 2023 Event Report
Updated November3, 2023
91 Players Jon McSenn Event History
  2023 Champion & Laurels

McSenn Spins Hospice into Gold for the Win!

This year continued the format change with corn seats starting a coin down, University cost at 7 and Factory costing 8. The GM’s software was updated to provide random table and seat assignments as well as randomly distributing the 3-player games. This completely replaced card drawing. The simplified tie-breaker rules resulted in 6 players qualifying for the last 3 spots and a roll-off loomed. Fortunately, there were enough no-shows to put all the qualifying players into the Semifinal. Next year, the GM will propose more detailed additional tie-breakers.

Jon McSenn won the game having built a Hospice for his first building and getting 3 Quarries going. Money stayed tight throughout the game. You can see a transcript of the game at https://www.playboardgamesbetter.com/2023/08/puerto-rico-at-wbc-2023/. A video of the game will also be added. The link will be on the page above.

Notes from the players: One game had universities sold out before factories, but the winner didn’t use either. The game was decided on tie-breakers, though.

Here is some analysis of the results:

This year, the distribution of finishes for each seat were:

Place by Seat Position
Seat First Second Third Fourth
First Seat11121510
Second Seat12/td>101412
Third Seat1711712
Fourth Seat916107


Seat 3 has some advantages, but not as much as before. Seat 4 had fewer chances to win because of the 5 3-player games The 4 Semifinal games were each won by a different seat and the Final was won by seat 2.

The distribution of winning strategies showed a greater than typical success for building over shipping. Roughly dividing the wins into three categories gave the following win counts : Shipping 17, Mixed 6, and Building 25.

Games ends were triggered evenly between all the buildings and all the colonists, with just a couple of VP chip depletions: VP ran out 3, Cannot fill boat 21, Town filled 22, and Unknown 2. Several games listed as town filled also had the colonists run out before the round ended, a common occurrence.

The results of this year’s Puerto Rico tournament were submitted to Meeple League (meepleleague.com). All players’ results are included in the annual Puerto Rico rankings on that site.

Thanks especially to my assistant GMs, Rob Kircher and Marcy Morelli.

Thanks to all my players for their support and patience, I look forward to seeing you next year!

2023 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Ray Wolff Michael Swinson Eric Freeman Sam Wolff DJ Borton
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Board Member Marcy Morelli purchasing building. Some seem happy with their position in the game.
Eric Brosius in Puerto Rico heat. Finalists with GM Richard Shay.
GM  Richard M. Shay [9th Year]