a house divided

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Civil War for the hexagonally challenged ...

Each player will give side preference, or no preference. If not an even mix, a random draw will be held to even the side ratio. Those players that by draw are directed to play a non-preference side, will get first tie breaker. There will be three games in the first round. Players will play the same side throughout the tournament a la Across Five Aprils.

In the first round we will play - 1861 (7 Turns), 1862 (10 Turns) and 1863 (10 Turns). After each game, a record will be kept of Victory Points scored and allowed. Options allowed - 1861 STD Neutral; 1862 Each Side + 1 Bias; 1863 Each Side + 2 Bias Options.

Victory Points will equate to the side max Army values at the end of play. In the event of automatic victory for the capture of Washington, the Union Army Max will be reduced to one less than the Confederate max for Victory Point purposes.

The top four scores for each side will move to round 2. Ties will be broken based on:1. total points scored; 2. directed Side; 3. margin vs opponent, (+ or -); 4. points allowed; 5. number of Automatic victories, (+ or -) and finally by die roll.

Round 2 will be 1864 (10 Turns). Two players of each side will advance. Ties will be broken by above formulas. Options Allowed - All STD Options in effect.

Round 3 will be 1862 (10 Turns). One player from each side will face each other in the Campaign Game with spring of each year, Automatic Victory Army Max Values in effect with the winner of that game declared the Tournament winner. Advanced rules in effect with no Advanced Options. All STD Game rules including options in effect.

 GM      Jeffrey Lange  [1st Year]    837 Riverside Drive, Pasadena, MD 21122
    jflange@earthlink.net    (410) 360-3133

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