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Bret Hildebran, OH

1998 Champion
2nd: Neil Stanhagen, VA
3rd: Randy Knight, RI
4th: Chad Cummins, VA
Event History
1991    Mike McGrath      91
1992    Perry Cocke      112
1993    Mike McGrath      120
1994    Gary Fortenberry      130
1995    Gary Fortenberry      130
1996    Tom Morin      110
1997    Jeff Coyle      81
1998    Bret Hildebran      81
AREA Ratings
1    Gary Fortenberry      2279
2    Michael McGrath      2269
3    Steven Pleva      2249
4    Jim McLeod      2102
5    Bret Hildebran      2097
6    Bob Bendis      2096
7    Thomas Morin      2096
8    Omar Jeddaoui      2078
9    Yves Tielemans      2033
10    Jeff Coyle      2031

Saving Private Russ ...

A first year GM, Perry has played in this event every year but will not be playing in 1999, due to being pressed into service to replace ASL cornerstone, Russ Gifford who has withdrawn after eight years for health reasons. Scott Romanowski (who has ably assisted Russ Gifford the past several years) will act as Assistant GM with additional backup from MMP. Although Russ will not be at the helm this year, we will continue to run the event along his established, time-tested guidelines. In the first round, the top quarter is seeded against the second quarter, while the third quarter is matched against the fourth. Thereafter, each round is seeded normally in true Swiss format with identical records pairing off in succeeding rounds. In addition to the usual WBC trophies, merchandise certificates will be provided by MMP.

SCENARIO SELECTION: Before pairing for each round, player chooses which column he desires to play that round, A or B. To the extent feasible, pairings will be made with these choices in mind, but players should be prepared to play in column A if
necessary. After being paired in a column, each player secretly ranks orders two of the three scenarios. Scenario choices are then compared. If only one scenario matches, play that scenario. If two scenarios match, in order, play the first choice. If two match, not in order, low dr gets his first choice. Use A26.5 to determine sides.

Several scenarios are listed with tournament-specific balancing provisions. Others are marked with an asterisk (*) to show that official errata exists, which is listed at the end.


Column A: Niscemi-Biscari Highway (T9)*, Zon With The Wind (A32), Devil's Hill (T10)

Column B: Not Out of the Woods Yet (A73)*, Abandon Ship (G44), Broich Bash (A69)*


Column A: Urban Guerrillas J1)*, Cream of the Crop (AP12), Crossing the Gniloi Tikitsch (A98)

Column B: Fighting Withdrawal (1), Surprise Encounter (A88)*, Swamp Cats (AP11)


Column A: Art Nouveau (88), In Front of the Storm (A104), Triumph Atop Taraldsvikfjell (G46)

Column B: Good Night Sweet Prince (87) (Increase game length to 7 1/2 turns. For new German balance, the German
reinforcements enter on Turn 2 and the Danish reinforcements enter on Turn 4, rather than vice versa.)
Bloody Harvest (AP8)*, Will to Fight Eradicated (G46)


Column A: OP Hill (A41), Slow and Steady (J7), Tasimboko Raid (A97)

Column B: Round One (84), The Professionals (A28), Into the Fray (43)


Column A: St. Barthelemy Bash (J6)*, Smoke the Kents (DASL C), Mayhem in Manila (A103)

Column B: Mila 18 (2)*, To Clear a Roadblock (A99)*, Sylvan Death (30) (delete one 468 from German OB)


Column A: Acts of Defiance (A68), Hitdorf on the Rhine (L), Rockets Red Glare (G6)

Column B: Red Storm (AP9), Directive Number 3 (AP8), Hill 621 (E)* (no pre-game MC)


Column A: Bread Factory #2 (RB2), Piecemeal (PB3), The Water Hole (A118)

Column B: Chapelle Ste. Anne (KGP4), Blockbusters (A115)*, Turned Away (RB6)*

Column C Grab Bag (use your imagination or a die): 1. An Uncommon Occurrence (83), 2. Battlin' Buckeyes (J2), 3. A Stiff Fight (J9), 4. Jungle Fighters (J12), 5. Shielding Moscow (AP13), 6. Broken Bamboo (AP15)


2 (Mila 18) The German must perform the Mopping Up procedure in a building in order to claim it for Victory Condition purposes, even if they Control all of its Locations. {96}

RB6 (Turned Away) The German Dummy counters set up IN gully hexes despite the latter are not Concealment Terrain. {96}

E (Hill 621) In the CLASSIC ASL version, the Russians shown as entering on Turn 3 should instead enter on Turn 5.

T9 (The Niscemi-Biscari Highway) In the German setup instructions, change "5Q5" to 5Q6". {96}

A69 (Broich Bash) Rotate the north arrow 180 degrees. {96}

A73 (Not Out Of The Woods Yet) The Americans set up first and move first. {96}

A88 (Surprise Encounter) Rotate the North arrow 90 degrees clockwise; rotate board 34 180 degrees; rotate board 32 180 degrees. {96}

A99 (To Clear A Roadblock) The scenario card erroneously shows the German le PaK 41 anti-tank gun as having a 3 ROF; as depicted on the counter and in the Ordnance Notes, this weapon only has a 2 ROF. {97}

Scenarios A115-A118: oSSR 1: All Interior Jungle hexes are Dense, but in most cases, however, the "oversized colored center dot" in a Jungle hex designates Light Jungle [EXC: hexes U9-U11]. {J1}

J1 (Urban Guerillas) SSR5 should read: "Partisan units have PF capability as if they were German, and Captured Use Penalties (A21.12) apply; only a maximum of 3 PF may be fired by Partisans during the scenario." o

J6 (St. Barthelemy Bash) The '45 Bazookas in the American OB should be a '44 Bazookas.

AP8 (A Bloody Harvest) Delete two Allied Minor LMG from Polish OB. Polish Elite/1st Line squads have Assault Fire. {J1}

 GM      Perry Cocke (MMP) & Scott Romanowski  [1st Year]    1664 Forest Park Ave., Baltimore, MD 21207     (410) 944-3342

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