13-16 16-19 19-22    

  Maryland 1

Gary Presser, NY

1998 Champion
2nd: Theodore Mullaly, NJ
3rd: Dewayne Curry, WV
4th: Robert Hahn, NY
Event History
1991    Greg Harper      19
1992    Gordon Rodgers      36
1993    Chaka Benson      37
1994    John Kilbride      40
1995    John Kilbride      61
1996    John Kilbride      43
1997    Mike Wojke      40
1998    Gary Presser      34
AREA Ratings
1    Gary Presser      1603
2    Dewayne Curry      1553
3    Stanley Buck      1536
4    Randy Sands      1524
5    Robert Hahn      1524
6    Stephen Munchak      1524
7    Todd Ornett      1524
8    Patrick Mitchell      1523
9    Michael Backstrom      1513
10    Ken Rothstein      1512

Live like a king upon the seas - or visit Davey Jones' Locker!

That's right maties! The seven seas are fraught with gold and Spanish doubloons. But there's lots 'o' danger in them there waters ta boot. Come join us for high adventure and a boatload 'o' prizes in the NEW Blackbeard Tournament. What do we mean by "NEW", you might ask.

The keyword is FUN! There'll be sights and sounds the likes of which have never been seen at AvalonCon: Over a half dozen fools dressed in full pirate regalia calling themselves game masters. Sounds of the sea and pirate style ditties echoing throughout the hall. Large flags of the Jolly Roger waving throughout the area. All of this is new to both Blackbeard AND the convention at large.

In addition, we're instituting a brand new tournament format this year that enables each player to compete as long as he/she likes, utilizing the Swiss style format. Winner will be determined by accumulated score over as many of the three rounds as desired. What this means is that if you run into trouble in one round (or simply can't make it), no big deal, see you in the next round! This year, you don't leave the Blackbeard Tourney unless you WANT to.

Finally, my crew and I are providing a boatload of extra prizes (in addition to the standard convention prizes) including the "Blackbeard 99" tee shirt. We'll be giving away over a dozen of 'em!

THIS is what we mean by the "NEW" Blackbeard Tournament!

 GM      Mark Bailey  1135 Cloverfield Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15227   NA

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