colonial diplomacy

    9-17     10-18      


Michael Sims, IN

1998 Champion
2nd: Doug Faust, MD
3rd: Ric Manns, IN
4th: Scott Bowling, IN
Event History
1991    None      -
1992    None      -
1993    None      -
1994    None      -
1995    James Yerkey      40
1996    Brian Ecton      14
1997    Christian Dreyer      14
1998    Michael Sims      14
AREA Ratings
1    None      -
2    None      -
3    None      -
4    None      -
5    None      -
6    None      -
7    None      -
8    None      -
9    None      -
10    None      -

Variant Knife Sharpening ...


The GM will interpret rules and orders strictly by the book. All rulings are final. Good sportsmanship is expected of all participants. The GM reserves the right to disqualify anyone for poor sportsmanship. Purposely delaying the game may be considered poor sportsmanship.


Players are encouraged to arrive and register 30 minutes prior to the announced starting times.


Sometime between seven and nine hours after each round begins, the GM will call it to a halt. Active games will end immediately, unless orders are being read. Any game which has actually begun reading orders will be allowed to finish that set of orders and the associated adjudication. The final supply center count will be taken at that time as if it were a Fall turn. Players will then have 15 minutes to vote on draw or concession using the criteria outined in E.5. If at the end of this period, the players have not reached a conclusion, the GM will make the determination using that same criteria. Each board will keep its own time limits for negotiations, order writing, etc. We recommend a maximum of 20 minutes per season (including five minutes for reading and adjudicating) and not more than ten minutes for builds/removals.


Board assignments will be done in a random manner with the traditional "draw a block from the box" method.


1. SUPPLY CENTER POINTS: Each player receives one point for each supply center held when the game ends. Bonus points are then awarded to get a final score.

2. We will use the rulebook "Standard Game" victory criteria of 24 centers.

3. BONUS POINTS: Win = 54 points; 2-way Draw = 26 points; 3-way Draw = 12 points; 4-way Draw = 5 points. No bonus points willl be awarded for 5-way or larger Draws.

4. TIE BREAKER: The player with the highest average number of supply centers per game year for the games being counted will win ties.

5. GAME ENDING NEGOTIATIONS: Any group of players holding 49 supply centers or more may determine who is to be part of a draw. A game may be conceded only to the player with the most supply centers on the board - 16 centers minimum. A concession vote must be unanimous among all active players (positions in CD or with standing orders are not considered active).


If time expires before a game ends, players who believe they are in a position to force a 20-center win will be given one additional move to gain said win. The player attempting the win will make his moves first, then all other players will move their units in an attempt to stop that win. Players will not be allowed to assist the win.


The overall winners will be the players with the highest total points accumulated in two rounds. Best Country awards will go to the players with the best first-round score for each country. Golden Blade and Hammered Awards will go to those players which the GM feels are most deserving of them from among the DIPLOMACY and COLONIAL DIPLOMACY players.

 GM      James Yerkey  [4th Year]   NA
    NA   (NA)

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