circus maximus

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 Salon B

Mike Stanley, OH

1998 Champion
2nd: Bret Mingo, DC
3rd: Martin Musella, VA
4th: Anthony Musella, VA
Event History
1991    Tim Flanigan      54
1992    Jeff Barnum      67
1993    Barry Smith      35
1994    Mike Stanley      47
1995    Mike Pantaleano      72
1996    Bruce Monnin      64
1997    John Jacoby      72
1998    Mike Stanley      84
AREA Ratings
1    Max Brodbeck      1619
2    Michael Stanley      1566
3    Tom Weiland      1559
4    Martin Musella      1555
5    Anthony Musella      1553
6    Barry Smith      1545
7    Brett Mingo      1542
8    Bruce Monnin      1541
9    Thomas Stokes      1541
10    Paul Sanders      1538

Run for the Roses ... or the Alpo

Lash your way to victory in classic Ben Hur style or body surf across the finish line. Works either way. Take your choice. This is horse racing with an attitude from the days when men were men and horses were dogfood candidates. Let your opponent kiss the wall, lash his horses and introduce him to your sharp stainless steel hubcabs.

All four Heats and the Final race will be run using traditional Circus Maximus rules. There will be 15mm miniature horses and chariots for at least two large tracks. The four Heats will consist of three races each, with the winners advancing. Should more players attend any Heat than can be accomodated on three boards, preference will be given to those pre-registrants who have not yet played in a Heat.

In addition to the normal WBC prizes, there will be six medals given for those finalists deemed worthy of additional accolades. Increasing the prizes tends to energize the race which has proven hard on horses and drivers alike. Only eight of 12 drivers survived the race for the medals last year as drivers afoot were trampled mercilessly and chariots with but two remaining horses continued to be attacked. On the plus side, no one leaves the finals just because their chariot flips. They still have a chance for a medal until death intervenes.

 GM     John M. Jacoby [2nd year] 102 Deerwood Rd., Charlottesville, VA 22911
   NA NA

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