euphrat & tigris

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Acquiring Civilization ...

This event will use standard rules from the Hans im Glueck version of the game. Players must enter at least two heats to advance. Sixteen players will advance to SE semifinal round which is immediately followed by the Final round for the four winners. Factions will be randomly assigned in each game. All games will have four players, with priority given to pre-registrants and those with a copy of the game. Tie scores within games will be decided by highest turn order, i.e. between two players with identical scores, a player who goes third in the game would win over a player who went second. For each game, points will be awarded as follows: ten points for a first place finish, three points for 2nd, one point for third. Players will advance to the round of 16 based on the following criteria: 1. Total points, best two finishes; 2. Total points, first two heats played; 3. Highest turn order # in second best finish; 4. Highest turn order # in best finish; 5. Highest random tiebreaker number drawn by each person as they enter the tournament.

 GM      Mark J. Guttag [1st Year]  610 South Fayette St., Alexandria, VA 22314   (703) 549-5960

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